Commissioner Smith’s pubic lambasting of an employee is reprehensible, irresponsible and unprofessional. Managers have a huge responsibility to their employees. The ideas and/or suggestions that employees present are a form of personal ownership that ultimately demonstrates their commitment, dedication and value to the function, to their employer and in this case, to property owners in our community. It’s never a good thing to publicly demean a key employee like Commissioner Smith has done, because it demeans or obliterates their value to the organization, it creates distrust and fear of management, and it affects the morale of all employees. Commissioner Smith’s reasoning is his personal opinion and not necessarily based on any measurable outcome. To react in such a manner because he disagrees with an employee only underscores a lack of management training and know-how of how to foster good workplace relationships that will lead to improved productivity and, good critical decision-making solutions. In this case, it also underscores his disrespect for private property rights.

No manager should ever be allowed to use their position of authority to force drastic changes, like firing a valuable employee, just because they didn’t like a valid, professional and well thought out proposal or suggestion. This is an abuse of power. When an employee is given a leadership role in any organization, it is done because that employee has the experience, skills and technical know-how to deliver. Once hired, they become the experts and not the employer. There is a process that needs to be respected and followed, otherwise it leads to chaos, confusion, turmoil and resentment. Unreasonable demands and micromanaging should never be part of the process.

To me, Commissioner Smith’s recent hyperbole and diatribe screamed out his uncontrolled anger, dissatisfaction and frustration because his ideas are going nowhere. It was an unbecoming public meltdown that targeted an undeserving key employee. He has forgotten that his job is to protect our lives, our property and our rights. Nowhere is it written that business interests come before private property rights. If an extra noise barrier will diminish the noise, as proposed by the department head that he wants publicly lynched, then it should be done.

This humiliating and unprovoked public attack was undeserving. This employee deserves to be praised for elevating private property rights above special interests. I believe a public apology is in order.

Edna Mattos


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Well said. Hopefully he will learn from this, but I have my doubts.


It works for Trump, why not Smith? The Repussian (that is Republican/Russian, because they apparently can't win without the Russians) party appear to see this as a great way to deal with people they don't like.

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