I thought I’d seen the last of professor and economist Robert Reich and his hatred for Trump when I quit reading the Orlando Sentinel, but alas, Reich stalks us in the Chronicle now.

In the Sunday, June 7, edition, Reich comes to us in the sheep’s clothing of claimed concern for our health in the COVID-19 era of anxiety, to gain our sympathy for his cause. After the usual potshots the Democrat took against Trump, Fox News and Republicans, he deploys the trick leftists typically use: leveraging victim status to advance a scheme. On the far end of the scale is actor Jussie Smollett’s fake homophobic and racist attack by alleged Trump supporters, but usually the event is real but loaded with much deceit, exaggeration and omission of critical facts.

Reich wrote in support of an extended economic shutdown, “Rich economies can support their people for years if necessary.” Ah, government support, socialized medicine and more I’m sure. His deceit is rather brazen, as he wrote in support of his case, “During World War II, America shut down most of it’s economy for nearly four years.” Reich calls Trump a liar and claims to peddle truth, but the truth is that the American economy was at full throttle during World War II, making tanks, aircraft, ships, etc. to supply ourselves and our allies. Anyone who could hold a tool was put to work. Countless women even took factory jobs to meet labor demands.

This was no innocent mistake on professor Reich’s part. I have a high school education and was born two generations after World War II and know this, as anyone should. May that be the last article he writes for the Chronicle.

Dean Bales

Homosassa Springs