We seem to be in the middle of “A Perfect Storm,” and we have no captain to lead us out of this perilous moment. First, we had the collapse of the economy. Yes, it was in free fall even before the pandemic virus. Trump claimed the economy was the best there ever was; he lied. He misinformed you about tariffs and claimed China would pay for them. Untrue, the taxpayers paid. He also told us Mexico would pay for a wall; he lied again. What the economists warned us at the beginning of Trump’s presidency was he would collapse the Obama recovery, and he did.

Then along came the coronavirus. He was like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. He became dumb-struck. He told us it was a hoax. Well, it turned out everyone but him knew it was real and was about to consume us with despair and anguish for our fellow man. One hundred and thirty thousand Americans have died in four months.

Forty-six million workers unemployed. Millions more lost their health care.

Then of course, we have millions of people marching for racial justice. But all we hear from this president is hate-filled speeches and racist remarks. He seems to be encouraging white supremacists to come out and start a new civil war. Why do we have people driving golf carts through the streets with the Trump banner next to the Confederate flag, which is considered the emblem of treason in the United States? Don’t they know that Trump’s friend Putin authorized the payments to Taliban fighters for killing American soldiers? Trump was made aware of this program in March. Yet, he and his administration kept it quiet, while behind the scenes trying to remove sanctions against Russia for the war against Ukraine and the annexing of the Crimea. Let’s not forget Russia’s interference with our 2016 elections, all the while trying to convince our European allies to reinstate Russia into the G-7; this is not fake news, this has been substantiated by multiple agencies. This president is a danger to our democracy.

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Trump’s failure of leadership taking on a new dimension — directing everyone’s attention away from his failures of leadership in fighting this virus. Please everyone, when going out in public, wear your mask.

Roger Cullen

Old Homosassa