It has been my privilege and honor to serve at the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office for over 33 years, working for four different sheriffs.

With everything that is going on in the world today, it is crucial that we select the best candidate for sheriff. It is important to vote for a candidate who has great leadership skills, who makes sound decisions and is fair, who is experienced, who is goal-oriented, who is committed and dedicated to serving the community, and believe it or not, it should be someone who has common sense.

I have personally worked with four out of the five candidates running for sheriff. I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Sheriff Prendergast since 2017. The traits that I described above are traits Sheriff Prendergast possesses. He is extremely well qualified to serve as our sheriff, and we are blessed to have him serve during this difficult time.

His law enforcement experience, military service and educational background speaks loud and clear on his successes. He continues to have a sincere desire to serve and the commitment to make a positive difference in our community through public service.

Due to his understanding of the political infrastructure in Tallahassee, he has been instrumental in making things happen, as evidenced by legislation being passed for PTSD assistance for first responders.

A caring and compassionate leader, Sheriff Prendergast never misses an opportunity to show our employees that he respects and appreciates them. Likewise, the employees of CCSO have a great deal of respect for him, and appreciate all that he does for them. He leads with the purpose to make the men and women of this organization successful.

He has recognized the need for a workforce that is properly equipped, well trained, and committed to community involvement. Most importantly, the Sheriff has ensured that we have systems in place to take care of equipment and training needs while being fiscally responsible.

This election is a big deal — make the right choice! Do your research and make sure that you rely on facts, not mudslinging.

I am confident that Citrus County will continue to benefit from Prendergast’s leadership as we move forward to meet the challenges that face us in the future. We will continue to progress and grow in manner in which this community can be proud of.

When it comes time to vote-vote Prendergast for sheriff!

Elena Vitt