Arming schoolteachers who volunteer and are properly trained is a heated subject. Yes, no, good or bad, it’s an important matter not to be ignored or taken lightly.

Twenty years ago, my grandson was a student at Columbine on that deadly day. Seriously shaken, time allowed him to develop into a respectable adult, a married father. The horrific event of insane murder, at a “safe place,” affected his parents forever.

At public and private establishments, it has become commonplace that crazed individuals of all ages premeditate vicious killings. It seems no one can escape becoming a victim.

It is imperative we guard ourselves, our families, friends, coworkers and neighbors. It’s impossible to stop the insanity, for our world has adopted a foolish attitude that someone else must take control; someone else is at fault; someone else lets these tragedies occur. We must do our part to eliminate at-random slaughter of the innocent.

Every precaution must be taken. Installation of metal detectors at main (and only) entrances of buildings, first and foremost, along with checkpoint armed personnel without question are necessary.

Respectfully, I disagree with Sam Himmel’s recent reaffirmation against arming teachers. On one hand, she feels “like our teachers are there to teach.” On the other, she feels “like our teachers are there to protect our kids.”

How can teachers protect themselves or their students without aggressive training and proper equipment? How can teachers concentrate when fear and worry of danger and death may walk the halls?

Teaching “a kid for three or four years” may influence Ms. Himmel’s ability to protect and save children, disqualifying her as an armed candidate.

There are many major concerns. We issue concealed weapon permits without giving thought to the seriousness of handling firearms. There’s no mandatory training and no physical or mental background check. This is an alarming scenario, as almost anyone can legally carry a gun, regardless of personality traits or hidden mental ills.

Not wise enough to have an answer, I’m smart enough to recognize the need for change in our lax procedures, policies and personal feelings. We cannot sit back, advertising “gun-free zones,” enticing and inviting those who must be locked out.

Once a loved one is taken from us at the hands of an armed maniac, it’s too late. We must level this horrible playing field, perhaps by arming the target.

Joanie Welch


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My son was one of the first responders at Columbine. Since then he has worked hard to limit access to weapons that can be used in mass shootings. His children were students at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch where another school shooting took place recently. Arming teachers is an insane plan and will set up senseless firefights in the classroom or around the school. First responders won't know who were the defenders and who were the attackers. Anyone with a gun would be fair target. If Joannie Welsh would work more towards encouraging sensible gun control instead of encouraging the Wild West mentality of the NRA, we all would be safer.


'Sensible gun control' - the shiboleth of the Left, never defined, never detailed, only thown out so that actual ideas can't be discussed. Firefights in the classroom only occur when at least two parties are involved - you want only one party involved - that is the definition of mass murder, what we have now because of 'gun-free zones' or free -fire zones as they are otherwise known. Wouldn't you expect when the police do respond (in 30-minutes or so) to identify suspects before shooting, rather than just killing everyone standing? If the shooter is neutralized, why wouldn't the teacher, like anyone else, holster his or her weapon? Hoplophobia (fear of weapons and armed civilians) is a recognized psychiatric condition - please get treatment. OBTW, ANY weapon can be used in a mass killing, including propane tanks and trucks.

Miuke Nelson

More glass houses for GMEN: Hoplophobia is NOT recognized as a condition by any psychiatric association. American or otherwise. Retired Marine colonel Jeff Cooper coined the word in 1962 to denigrate and anger proponents of gun control by implying that their thoughts were "aberrant" and unreasoning:

That term can be just as easily applied to people fetishizing about insurrection or using weapons. Is that not a response to a fear of someone with a gun?

An obsession (with guns) is a recognized mental health disorder. Maybe take your own advice. Here's a self diagnosis tool for you:


Fears of insurrection or war would seem to be somewhat justified. However fears that exhibit such things as being scared of a 5-yo pointing a piece of toast at another child and yelling 'bang' and banning t-shirts with pictures of Minute-Men on them appears to be unjustified. you, as most Lefties, continue to rebut things I didn't say, sush as 'psychiatric group'. Please refer to McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine (2002) and Segen's Medical Dictionary (2011). Just as the old Soviet Union's medical groups declared anyone who didn't support Communism as mentally ill, so the AMA must now kow-tow to politically correct thinking - e.g., someone who decides they are a female this week, a male next week and a female again tomorrow is considered perfectly sane.


Gees, Gmen, maybe you should check your meds. Your posts are starting to sound like 3am Trump tweets.

Miuke Nelson

GMEN. You said " Hoplophobia (fear of weapons and armed civilians) is a recognized psychiatric condition." and then told the writer to get treatment. How does one get treatment for something that is only listed in a dictionary and not recognized by legitimate medical/psychiatric associations? That does not make it a "recognized psychiatric condition." Will insurance pay for it? BTW Been taking tweeting lessons from Trump?


MK- '..will insurance pay for it?' Really that's your criteria for determining if a medical condition is real? Many, many people have problems getting insurance to pay their medical bills - it depends a great deal on how much you pay for the insurance. Really, you sound like someone who has never had to buy insurance, instead just sponging off Mom and Dad.

Miuke Nelson

GMEN: My Mom and Dad are long dead, thank you. Sonny boy, I'm as old as you if not a few years older and obviously a whole lot wiser. (ie:not a gun nut although I own several ). I asked about insurance coverage, because I guarantee if you filed a claim for treatment for hoplophobia they'd laugh you out of the claims department. You specifically said it was a recognized condition. Being listed in a dictionary does not meet that criteria. BTW From Merriam Websters Medical Dictionary: "“hoplophobia” The word you've entered isn't in the medical dictionary." Ditto for McGraw Hill Medical.


Heavily armed citizenry is not keeping anyone safe and is endangering us all. There will never be enough guns to help you feel safe, GMEN. When a teacher has a gun, s/he is suspect by first responders. The split seconds they need to make decisions are compromised. If first responders arrive at a scene and there are guns present, how will they know who is the attacker and defender. These events are over in minutes. Instead of arguing over whether there should be more armed people in schools, we should be working towards restrictions on weapons that can kill or injure mass numbers of people. If you believe more guns equals less killing, you have a serious problem with logistics and logic. OBTW how many instances of mass killings in schools by propane tanks and trucks have you heard about?

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