Some food for thought: People who tested positive for COVID-19 were approximately twice as likely to have reported eating recently at a restaurant compared to people who tested negative, according to a new report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

I went to breakfast at a local restaurant in Inverness. I ordered takeout, and I’m glad I did. The place was packed with maskless patrons, close together. many people came in with a mask, but took it off and were served with maskless waitresses. I asked why the servers weren’t wearing masks. She said we disinfect. Huh? With her face 3 feet from mine. Show me how you take an order from 6 feet away. Also, their was no one cleaning salt and pepper shakers ketchup or anything else on the table that was handled by other customers. Restaurant owners are more into filling their pockets than protecting their customers and I think it’s unChristian-like and disgusting!

The corporate restaurants follow all the rules; I’ll eat there , thank you, but meanwhile, these people are responsible for keeping the virus around, infecting others who’s lives don’t seem to matter to them. This county has no enforcement , and it starts at the top. Every death in this county is on their hands, every infected nursing home is on their hands because they refuse to do anything.

Bob Smith