I miss the old America. You know — the one where we could vote for the best candidate, regardless of party, for the good of the country. With the tribalism so strong these days, it is impossible to even discuss politics with friends or family unless you are parroting the same political views. It doesn’t really matter which party you feel is responsible; the outcome is that, right or wrong, we all have our opinions, and if you are with those who feel differently, you cannot bring up politics without more than heated debates.

Pertaining to the Kavanaugh confirmation process — surely we can all agree it was sickening to witness. Two families threatened and Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation smeared forever. A reporter from USA Today went so far as to say he should no longer coach his daughter’s youth basketball team. So yeah — I am outraged. I feel for any woman who has suffered sexual abuse, but I also feel for any man accused unjustly with no evidence. We are expected to now assume guilt and those accused must prove their innocence. How upside down is this?!

A quote rings true for me: “There is no magic fix to making our political culture more civil. But the best way to reverse the trend is to give government less control over our lives. If we refuse to recognize this and don’t take steps to fix it, don’t expect the political debate to get more civil anytime soon.” — John R. Lott Jr.

So I have a sign in my yard saying, “save America, vote Republican.” That is where I am at. I left the Democratic Party after 40 years and will pray Kavanaugh is confirmed and the old America returns.

Linda Szaflarski


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CitrusCo Citizen

Linda, your party is destroying America the Beautiful, with uncontrolled pollution, including fracking chemicals in our drinking water. Your party thinks it's ok to kidnap thousands of children and put them in tent cities for the winter, without hope of locating their parents. Your party thinks nothing of kicking the working poor, the vulnerable, the elderly to the curb and under the bus. Your party has tossed all morals aside and ignored or accepted the lies of your lying leaders. Yours is the party that adores a president who cheats on his wife and his taxes. How can you sleep at night?


If I could sleep through the nightmare of Obama, then I can sleep through anything.

Miuke Nelson

Not sure why you left the Democratic party 40 years ago, but maybe it's time to re-evaluate that choice. When you have a leader that is constantly mocking people who don't agree with him and being cheered by his supporters because of it, it's kind of hard to have charitable thoughts to the other side and be civil. Change isn't going away and berating the opposition and turning them into the bogeyman isn't going to help to do anything but further divide us.


The Democrats have been exposed as the real party of hate, intolerance, revenge, and destruction. Never in my lifetime will I vote for a Democrat again.


Republicans seem to love that hate word.


And Democrats love to display it.


You're the one who keeps using it. Confusion is obviously your forte.


The old America won't be returning anytime soon if we don't all stop the bickering and work more at finding common ground. Remember Lincoln once said: 'A house divided cannot stand'. Like it or not, we're in this together.

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