I think most of us will agree that individual words used in a communication can and do have great impact on one’s comprehension of the intended message even though there may be an ever so subtle inference or connotation of just a few of the words. Certainly those in the mass media are aware of this and make every effort to insure the words chosen do in fact deliver the desired meaning, and in today’s political environment of accusations and denials of media bias, the use of words that do not glaringly appear to show bias has become quite prevalent.

To experience this phenomenon, which I will refer to as implied dislike and/or negativity, one only needs to read the Associated Press news articles printed daily in our beloved Citrus County Chronicle. The AP is so accomplished at this that the last page of the Chronicle’s section A should appropriately be referred to as the AP Editorial Page, which shines a spotlight on their unadulterated bias and hate for President Trump.

I was prompted to write this letter after reading the AP article in the Oct. 17 issue, page A10, titled “Trump dismisses Syria concerns.” The following quotations from the article are only of the author(s) statements, not quotes of what third parties said.

Headline: “Dems walk out of WH meeting.” “... top Democrats walk out of a meeting ...” “The Democrats said they walked out ...” “Trump himself has stalked out of his White House meetings.”

The difference in meanings of “walk out” and “stalk out” may indeed be subtle, but do not kid yourself , the author(s) that purposefully choose to use these two very different words had an intention to leave the reader with very different impressions of Democrats and Trump. Every person and every media has an absolute right to express their opinions. That does not give them the right to label it news when the intention is to express or even insinuate an opinion. The insertion of a few well chosen words can turn a news article into an editorial. Put it on the editorial page where it belongs.

Dave Ross


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Writer says "and hate for President Trump." Now, I just wonder why Dictator Frump generates such intense feelings of "hate?" Could it be because more than 50% of the US population desire nothing less than to see him shackled head and foot and then forcibly evicted from the WH .....

Miuke Nelson

Perhaps you'd better understand if you put it in context. The author had just written the following "“She storms out of another meeting, trying to make it unproductive,” said House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy." You neglected to mention the "storms out" verbiage. Please at least be honest.


More Republican gibberish. If all of the media was unbiased all of the time they would be great judges, not great journalists. Given your perimeters of news and opinions Faux News would be all opinion all of the time. But that's just my opinion.

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