In response to Ms. Dobronyi’s Letter to the Editor titled “NRA should pay to protect children” (July 3, page A8), I would offer the following facts.

In 2012, the National Rifle Association organized the “School Shield Task Force,” which led to the formation of the NRA’s “School Shield Program.” The program consists of a five-day training course that instructs designated and qualified local law enforcement officers to be able to assess the overall and specific security environment in their local schools. Instruction is provided by NRA-certified instructors who are either current or retired law enforcement officers.

The task force had estimated the cost for the instruction to be $1,000 per attending law enforcement officer. Once the program was initiated, the NRA opted to provide the program free of charge to any interested local law enforcement agency.

Following successful completion of the program, the police officers are expected to share the training and information with others in their department. Equally important, they are now able to conduct a professional assessment of their particular local school security climate. Once the survey is completed and security improvements are identified, the NRA has a grant program available to pay for the items. Grant program, as in “free.” Such items would include bulletproof glass, warning systems, upgraded locks, etc.

I am curious if anyone can identify a non-governmental organization doing more than the NRA to seriously address and provide real solutions to the school security issue?

Rick Wehrheim


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CitrusCo Citizen

Good ideas, but the bottom line, is who will pay for the salaries of the now-mandated full time School Resource Officers (SROs) who must be employed in every school. That would probably be about $60k per officer per school no matter how small the school is. Where is the money for their salaries going to come from? The NRA? Nope. The schools, school districts, and Florida taxpayers? Yep. But wait! Florida's ridiculous voucher system (er scholarship money for private schools) has siphoned any money that's left over from public schools--money that could have used for the salaries of SROs! Meanwhile, our children continue to be murdered at school.


Yep, we all can see how effective this NRA program in relationship to protecting children. Sadly, they spend more money to buy politicians who ensure guns are in the hands of those committing mass murders in schools, theaters, churches, newspaper offices, etc.

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