Four quick thoughts from the past three days. The president says the heads of both the Election Commission and the FBI are wrong and it is OK to ask foreign governments for election dirt, and he does not have to report it to the FBI or any intelligence agency. Second, the president told George Stephanopoulos that he is the president. He runs the country, so he is above the law and can’t be charged with a crime. Third, Trump has dog-whistled his supporters, saying if he is not re-elected, the stock market will have an epic crash. And lastly, but equally idiotic, his supporters should trash the Constitution and rise up in anarchy to keep him in power longer than eight years.

I ask, is any more proof needed that the president wants to be king or a dictator? People need to really start thinking for themselves, if this is what they want for America.

Jerry Daniels


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The hysteria of the author and some of the commentators on this post are incredible. Make up the "facts". You folks are really pathetic. Have you seen what your Democratic buddies have in store for this country if elected. That should give you nightmares.


KimR, please explain the made up "facts" in the letter or any of the comments here. Please read the letter and the comments before you make the canned fox hype comments. You appear to have chosen the wrong comeback this time. So original.


You give me nightmares.

Comment deleted.

You are so right...."Democrats do it = Right & Moral; Republicans do it+ Evil & Immoral". Couldn't have said it better myself. Dems say it praising the ability of the man, Obama. Repugs mean it, for their dictator wannabe Trump. Difference between "Right & Moral" and "Evil & Immoral". But you already said that, didn't you.


Now, even Lindsey Graham is saying that Trump should get a third term. How far can it be from aiming for an illegal third term to achieving a dictatorship?


Re: How far can it be from aiming for an illegal third term to achieving a dictatorship? It won't take a third term; in fact, an American dictatorship is possibly well on its way.

CitrusCo Citizen

It's high time to say, "Donald Trump, you're FIRED!" He was voted in (not by the popular vote and he can be voted out.

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