When I moved to Citrus County 18 years ago, I subscribed to both the Chronicle and the St. Pete Times. Over the years, the Times became more and more liberal. Then they began to eliminate the articles on the opinion page. This included both the conservative and very liberal columnists. I finally decided that there was no longer any value to the paper since they basically eliminated news. The sales rep I spoke to about canceling thought I might want the Sunday edition for the ads; mostly I just threw that section away.

I have continued to subscribe to the Chronicle so I can get some local news. Lately, the only national news printed is the Associated Press. It used to be a news organization. However, now anything they write, if it is a conservative issue, starts out briefly covering the issue, then launches into the “but” portion. Then they continue to spew the liberal commentary regardless whether or not it is factual. Also, the letters page has turned into a number of liberal and conservative attacks on each letter writer. This personal assault should be individually communicated between the letter writers. Also, there was an apology letter recently against a conservative writer but, no apology letter against the liberal writers.

This shows all too openly, the paper’s editorial policy. I appreciate the diverse letters. However, it seems to me that the personal attacks should be confined to interaction between the writers. Opinion letters are fine but, should be confined to opinion only since they are rarely totally factual.

Another point that disturbs me is the headline put on some of the letters I write. This may happen to other letter writers as well. Headlines often change the message perception intended by the letter. Headlines on news items are also misleading at times.

Since the alternative paper does not have access to as much local content, as well as the circulation, I will continue to be a Chronicle subscriber. I would just like to see a more balanced approach to what is reported.

Robert E. Hagaman


Editor’s note: The Chronicle is happy to use suggested headlines by letter writers that fit the column format, which is roughly four to six words.

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Poor Dear Bob Hagaman ... Loyal to the Last horrible idea to support horrible Denzil Frump!


This is just rich. Trump name calls people all the time on Twitter, where's your outrage?


If one does not want to have to have another one apologizing on their behalf, then they should not do bad things. Rules matter. Wow, that was easy.

Miuke Nelson

It's Trump's playbook. Dear Leader just held a pity party to complain about the same thing. Can't call it a summit when the only people invited are on one side. If conservatives would just quit spewing conspiracy theories and stick to truthful and honest debate they would not find themselves banned.


It is troubling to see personal attacks between writers, in print and online. Surely we can be better than that.


Whine, whine, whine is all we get from GOPers.

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