We love our new sidewalk on Yulee Drive.

Florida Safety Contractors did a wonderful job building it. Not only does it look great, they curved around our trees instead of taking them down. All of the people working on the sidewalk were courteous and tried to inconvenience us as little as possible.

Thank you FSC and the county staff that hired them.

Rumor has it that they finished ahead of time and below budget.

Any chance they could finish U.S. 19 and the Halls River Bridge?

Midge Tindale


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CitrusCo Citizen

Wait, WHAT?? They actually saved the trees???! They didn't bulldoze them like they always do??? Maybe they're actually beginning to evolve. Those trees are gorgeous, provide wonderful shade and habitat for wildlife and make that historical place so very unique. As for all the trees that are being bulldozed right now with all of the mindless construction going on--SAD!

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