When did the wants of the people supersede the needs of the people?

A bicycle rest area costing $450,000, a sidewalk in Homosassa costing $828,000 for 2.8 miles, miles and miles of sidewalks on Norvell Bryant Highway and State Road 44, for who knows how many millions of dollars, bike and walking trails, all millions of dollars wasted for a handful of people. The New York Times newspaper for a few; how many pay for the Chronicle? We do. These are the wants of a few, not the needs of the majority.

Now the wants of a few is at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers.

We need good roads for the majority who use a car for transportation, not walking trails or sidewalks.

We pay our full amount of property taxes, except for the $25,000 exemption all residents are afforded, and yet some full-time residents pay next to nothing, or nothing at all, because of various programs. I feel veterans fought for our freedom, and they deserve the breaks they get, but face it, everyone uses our services and roads, but all the wants of others are thrown on the hardworking taxpayers. You’d be surprised how many get huge breaks on their property taxes, and yet all the property tax increases are dumped on the few who don’t get breaks.

I hear that some of the expense is paid by the federal or state government; they did not pick the money off the money trees, they got it from the hardworking taxpayer too.

I have neighbors giving away medicine and medical supplies they don’t use, because it doesn’t cost them anything. Someone is paying for it.

I like the conservative Epoch Times newspaper, but that is not offered at the library, so I pay for it myself; must be nice to get the paper you want free.

There was an article in the paper a week or so ago that we should tip waiters and waitresses for their service based upon the amount of the meal, but the property taxes end up not based on the price of the house because there are so many programs offering tax breaks and leaving the taxpayers with the burden of paying for everyone else.

Time to start making a list of want versus need and think before you spend.

Norma Rieck

Pine Ridge

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"There was an article in the paper a week or so ago that we should tip waiters and waitresses for their service based upon the amount of the meal..." I find it hard to believe that the Epoch Times had any such article. Perhaps you are wrong.


The chronicle sound off, not the Epoch Times.

CitrusCo Citizen

Norma, you'll be delighted to learn that 328,000 (that's 1/3 million) of impoverished Florida residents are going to lose their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food vouchers, thanks to your beloved president. You must be smiling from ear to ear when you learn of all of the money the feds will be saving by keeping poor Americans away from food. And SNAP after all, is Socialism isn't it and we can't have that, can we? (I read about that in the New York Times, which I have subscribed to for 10 years). Oh, and I'm glad that since you stated that many people don't have to pay property taxes and that's not fair, then you will be the first to demand that all church property, including their giant parking lots and acres of empty lands should be paying property tax. Think of the millions of dollars in property tax that will bring in for building your roads of pavement across all of those stupid wetlands and forests and killing all of those useless Florida animals! Good idea, Norma! Oh, and since Citrus County is the second unhealthiest county in the state, it would just be a waste to provide any more walking paths for families to walk together, bike paths for exercise and sidewalks for safe areas for children to play on and use for walking to school. By giving up those healthy things Citrus County can now become the #1 unhealthiest county in one of the unhealthiest states in the nation! I know I won't see you out there wasting your time on any dumb trails or paths. Finally, since you don't respect the millions of subscribers and over 100 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism earned by the NYT, you don't have to worry about the Epoch Times being bogged down with those silly honors.


Truth hurts doesn't it. You can do things the old fashioned way, ride your bike or walk around the block, go to our beautiful state parks and walk the trails. If you ride to get to the trails, ride and go to the parks. Go to the YMCA, oh no, you'd rather spend money. Look at the sidewalks on 486 and 44, how many people have you seen using the sidewalks? Go into Citrus Springs and watch the people walking and pushing baby buggies on the street while the sidewalks are empty. There's plenty of ways to get exercise without spending millions to do it. Where did I mention wetlands, forests or animals, I guess you're thinking of what YOU WANT with your walking trails and sidewalks.

CitrusCo Citizen

Truth=Some of the unhealthiest people in Florida live in Citrus County. It's our tax dollars, not at work. Truth: Most of Citrus Springs (and much of Citrus County) does NOT have sidewalks, parks, public swimming pools , etc. (with the exception of the wonderful Withlacoochee Bike Trail). Again, It's our tax dollars, not at work. Truth: Hundreds of trees, mostly ancient live oaks are being bulldozed every day in Citrus County so that yet another Wawa or Racetrak gas station or unwanted highway can be built. Again a waste of our tax dollars. Truth: The new bike trails are treeless and dangerously hot for half the year--Walk the Dunnellon Trail or bike to Floral City and you'll see what shade trees can do for a trail and people's health and safety. Use our tax dollars to plant two tress for every one taken down. You are correct--the truth DOES hurt--Citrus County could do much better with our property taxes then paving over the Nature Coast with highways, fast food joints, gas stations, car washes, auto repair and sales places, and strip malls. By the way, your assumptions are false--I volunteer at Florida's beautiful state parks, repairing and maintaining trails, so I'll see you out there? Also, even though my health insurance gives me a totally FREE pass at the YMCA, I choose NOT to go in there because it's too crowded and noisy and too far to drive--I'd rather be out finding places to peddle in pristine waters or paddle or saddle under some shade trees in Citrus County, the old-fashioned way.


Go to the mall, it's quiet and cool.

CitrusCo Citizen

Haven't bothered with malls for over a decade--don't need a thing and it's a mindless, purposeless, boring, dumb way to spend my precious time. Besides most of them around here are lifeless or decaying, unless you need tattoos, vapes, or pawn shops. But apparently, Normar, it's a perfect place for some people.


You can really twist things. A lot of people do their walking for exercise in the mall, of course some shop.

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