Regarding the op/ed Monday, Sept. 2, by Cokie and Steven Roberts, “Open doors, don’t shut them,” it’s another leftist tract. Another sanctimonious, but false op/ed.

True to form, the Roberts set up a false straw man to attack President Trump’s immigration policies by conflating legal and illegal immigration. The president’s campaign is primarily focused on curtailing illegal immigration, and he wants to reform legal immigration so it benefits the United States. He wants to stop the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants that is being organized for profit by various foreign and domestic NGOs in collaboration with the Mexican drug cartels.

Numerous experts have commented that assisting illegal immigration from Central America is now the safest and most profitable activity of these cartels and it is being used to cover their illegal drug dealing. The Roberts use an anecdote of a small business person who appears to be violating federal law by hiring undocumented immigrants to promote the false narrative that we need illegal immigrants to do work that American citizens won’t do. She conflates the work of illegal immigrants with the entrepreneurial activities of legal immigrants who have sucessfuly built start ups for the benefit of our economy. This is bogus.

The illegal immigrants flooding across our borders are not entrepreneurs who will build thriving companies to employ real Americans. Those illegal immigrants come into our country, unlawfully take an ever-expanding array of government benefits, and are a burden on our economy and taxpaying Americans. We should do whatever is necessary to stop the abuse of asylum laws and the flood of illegal immigration to give ourselves the time to unite behind reform of those aspects of lawful immigration that can benefit America. Articles like the Roberts’ mislead gullible Americans and undermine our country. The Chronicle should seek out more balanced sources of op/eds.

Mark Conley