I’m disappointed the Chronicle printed such nastiness (Dec. 27, 2019). Name-calling exceeding the worst of any submitted, yet is frightening, for there are those so warped in their hatred, they fail to move forward.

How do these letters meet required criteria of libel, fairness and good taste when they are vulgar displays of venomous comments?

Contrary to remarks made without proof, President Trump does, in fact, have a very good brain — how many billionaires don’t? — particularly referring to our rich economy. The real “crude, reckless, incompetent bungler” would be the one to insinuate, with mania, that our president is vengeful, doesn’t care about his country and his decisions are risky.

Do Trump-haters lie awake nights thinking of ways to badmouth, belittle, condemn and destroy the man chosen by millions to be our leader? Do they have such low self-esteem and failures in their private lives that they must lash out at the successful and strong? Perhaps they were once schoolyard bullies who got their butts kicked by those who excelled while they forlornly looked on with envy.

A Patty Kendrick wrote, the ugliness regarding president Trump is shameful. The Chronicle couldn’t have printed a more perfect example of extreme hatred and vicious discontent. Haters have divided our country, but as President Trump prepares for his second term, devoted Americans will, once again, proudly prevail.

Our president has shown strength and dedication to the people, for the people. Hate him if you must, but you cannot deny the good he’s accomplished, his promises kept, and refusal to succumb to the petty pressures.

The pious should step forward while wearing their badges of purity and saintliness. Surely none of the hateful have ever made sexual innuendos or had sleazy affairs, never cheated at a store, used vulgar gestures or cussed, dutifully tithing weekly at church! Hypocritical best describes the judges who constantly, colorfully criticize President Trump. These destroyers are disrespectful and vindictive, blinded by such deep-felt hate they are nourished by their own poison.

Indeed, Dec. 18 was a sad day. However, I will vote for President Trump without hesitation.

Joanie Welch


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Before describing those who criticize the president as being "hypocritical," perhaps the letter writer should read the definition of "self-righteous."

CitrusCo Citizen

Joanie, he crossed the line, never to return to decency, when he put babies, toddlers, young children and teens into cages with no toys, diapers, furniture, pillows, "real" blankets, and worst no warm loving arms of their parents. The children are still there in cages today. Trump bragged about grabbing women by their privates, was unfaithful to three wives--one with a newborn and has refused to reveal his business dealings and personal financial records. Scores of his loyal toadies and sycophants including, yesterday, two senators, are either indicted, awaiting trial, in jail, fired, or they have gladly resigned. All have been thrown under the bus. He has no friends, except billionaire donors. And how he is on trial and about to be impeached and FIRED for committing a treasonous act against his country. Still, he whines and plays the victim card as he continues with his plans to become a dictator and unite with his dictator buddies. And he's skillfully brainwashed all of his cult members like you, Joanie. Trump is slowly but surely destroying my country that my ancestors fought, suffered and died to protect. Of course I hate him--what's not to hate?


Obviously Before you posted this, you went numerous days without taking Your Meds. No further comment required on this Po[whistling] you just posted....


Blind loyalty is dangerous. Joanie ignores facts. She tries to promote a man that lies, is a draft dodger, reckless and maybe a traitor. Trump has broken almost every promise that Mexico would pay for the wall, we would withdraw from needless wars, tax cuts for all (not just corporations,) healthcare on day one, polluting the earth, making NATO stronger, improving the VA, resolving the N. Korea threat, and helping Farmers to name a few. The USA is not great because Trump and Hannity says it is. It is great because the people of this country make it great in spite of Trump and his ridiculous tariffs . If it was not for the consumers of this country and our wonderful patriots we would be a third world country.


I usually skip JW’s babble. All this does is reaffirm how far one can bury their head in the sand.


“crude, reckless, incompetent bungler” would be the one to insinuate, with mania, that our president is vengeful, doesn’t care about his country and his decisions are risky. Thank you for fully describing Trump!

CitrusCo Citizen

It's the World According to Joanie! She really has absolutely no idea of what Trump has said. Someone has to help her to read through all of his thousands of lies!


People should vote however they want, after all this is America. In the meantime, some people should please take their meds before they hurt themselves or someone else. All the hate and confusion indicated in the letter will have to go somewhere. Hopefully the meds will help keep it at home.


One of the great things about living in America is the freedom to criticize our politicians . However , the democrats have now been exposed as the worst hypocrites ever. When obama was president and somebody made a rude comment about him the libs cried that it was bad to disrespect the office of the president. Now the shoe is on the other foot they seem to have forgotten their own rules of decency .


As I recall many lies were told about Obama, including the lies trump told.

CitrusCo Citizen

Ah, but there's a difference! President Obama, his wife, and daughters were disrespected by Republicans because of their race, their scandal-free behaviors, and their humbleness, while President Trump is disrespected by Democrats because of his racism, his scandalous behaviors, and his pompous arrogance.


So let me get this straight, Trump is decent? I think women and children should leave the room when he's speaking.


The republicans have now been exposed as the worst hypocrites ever. While trump is president and somebody makes a rude comment about him the cons cry that it is bad to disrespect the office of the president. Now the shoe is on the other foot they seem to have forgotten their own rules of being birthers and haters of the only black president. All this even though they all know that trump is a really bad president and deserves to be removed from office.


"the worst hypocrites ever"? Only the most ignorant would agree with that.


Obama never criticized anyone, never baited anyone, never insulted anyone or belittle anyone. He did use twitter to bash anyone that didn't agree with him.

Miuke Nelson

Joanie, please give this a watch: https://youtu.be/yoglNFN5-Js

CitrusCo Citizen

She won't. She doesn't know how to use the internets on the world wide webs. Therefore, she's not even reading these criticisms of her letter. Oh well. . . .


I used to read about the rise of fascism in places Germany and Italy and wonder how societies that seemed decent and civilized on the surface could have fallen into such madness. Now I understand.

CitrusCo Citizen

and that's why we need to study and remember history of other countries like German and Italy so that we don't repeat the same mistakes, such as ignoring the warning signs of a dictator rising in power. We are now calling Trump what he is--a greedy, narcissistic, cruel, racist, misogynist, religious phony, and a very skilled con artist whose formula of leadership is Deceit + Deny + Defend + Distract = Chaos or 4D = C . Rinse and repeat. Maybe this is what we needed--a "wake up call" so that we now realize how very precious our Constitution and Democracy are and how they need to be constantly protected and saved from rising and corrupt dictators like this one. I know I have learned a lot over the past three yeears of what can go very wrong in a president. Have you?


The most alarming revelation for me is just how flimsy our institutions are, how much was run on the honor system or custom. One push from a conman, and the whole house of cards comes down. Also how many "Good Germans" are ready to look the other way as their democracy is corrupted and destroyed.

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