For two years, I have cautiously given Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller the benefit of the doubt. That benefit ended abruptly a few days ago when he made a political, not legal, decision to re-enter the fray of divisive opinion in this country.

He has single-handedly demonstrated the gold standard of hubris by stirring the pot known as the Trump Russia investigation.

It wasn’t enough that he selected bias individuals for his team or that he failed to mention the Democratic National Committee or Hilary Clinton in his 400-plus page report, which I have read, but he has now injected himself into a process that is beyond the purview of the judicial branch of government.

A prosecutor’s job is to prosecute or not prosecute. He failed to do either but instead left the decision up to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice made a determination in his stead and that should have been the end of it.

Now the political elites, whose lingua franca is Russia, obstruction and impeachment ire, have been reignited in their unending quest to destroy President Trump by Mr. Mueller’s unneeded and unsolicited comments.

Mr. Mueller has succeeded in further dividing this already sadly divided country. Mr. Mueller’s lack of reticence, which was in full display, unfortunately will be long remembered.

Terry Coats


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Muele train! (Hyah, hyah) Clippety cloppin' all over Trump's brain. Get along, muele!, get along....

CitrusCo Citizen

Mueller did what he was hired to do, collect the facts and present them. He did not analyze, form conclusions, propose implications or pass judgement. He just told it like it is. It is now up to Congress to do something with those facts. Mueller did not divide the country--it's already been divided by Trump. We now live in the Un-united States of America.


Without Trump, you would not have had Mueller. Your anger is misguided.


Permeating ignorance is rampant in this letter writer. Yoda


Terry Coats, have you read Mueller's report? If you have not, perhaps you should spend your time doing that rather than writing letters like this to the Chronicle displaying your ignorance for all to see.


Mueller never could have done it without Trump and his cotton candy covered head.

Miuke Nelson

Lock him up. Trump. that is.

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