In response to McClendon’s letter, “Where’s the Outrage from Christians,” I answer this:

Although I am anti-theist and a free thinker, I strongly agree with your message. More people should speak up and be outraged at the adverse national dialog that takes place in our current society. There is no need for such intolerant, rude language to make a point or statement.

What has happened to decent morals and standards in our country? I’ll tell you what: Public opinions, dialog and statements are not filtered and edited like they used to be.

With the internet, email and social media, one can write and post anything one wishes nowadays without any constraint or blockage. And society is getting more rude and disrespectful in general. This is backed and supported by all these reality shows on TV where people get off and enjoy watching people being rude, angry and abusive to other people in an uncivilized manner. Even our president of the United States uses Twitter to make his outlandish and crude statements that infiltrates the public consciousness and makes it seem socially acceptable. Unfortunately, such adverse and

antagonistic public communication is becoming more

socially acceptable.

I do wish Christians would make the effort to stand up and complain about it. With you, I do agree upon that. On top of what I have stated, a lot of this negative and rude communication, intolerant language and behavior is unfortunately fueled by drugs and alcohol. Society is getting more and more violent, blunt and abusive. Just witness all the public venue and school shootings that take place today as such a common daily occurrence. It makes me sick.

Not just Christians, but every decent human being and all faiths should stand up and openly complain about the immoral and disrespectful filth that comes out of a lot of peoples’ mouths today.

Douglas L. Chaplin


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Does that include the President. How many times did he call a sitting United States Congresswoman, "Pocahontas", at his taxpayer funded rally last night? I really don't want to hear anything about 'christians' contributions to anything until they stand up and call an end to this kind of behavior (Love they Neighbor). My favorite name is Mary 'Madam' Magdalene, but I would never throw it out there in a despicable way, like Prez does, because that wouldn't be nice or decent.


I just wish the Christians would learn the Ten Commandments.

Miuke Nelson

or at least the Golden Rule.

CitrusCo Citizen

or at least "practice what they preach" and stop being such a bunch of hypocrites.


The Ten Commandments belong to the Old Testament. Following the Ten Commandments were the way to get to heaven. They were, however, replaced when Jesus Christ died on the cross to cover the human's sins. The verse that says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life", became the new only way to get to heaven. That death completely did away with The Ten Commandments. It appears that the Christians have a perfectly acceptable reason for ignoring the Ten Commandments, even though they were written by God. Why bother to do something just because God wrote it if you can completely ignore it to your own benefit.


Ssabmud, I'm impressed, but to be fair not all Christians really follow that line. My mom raised us as Lutherans and used to laugh at the “once saved always saved motto” when I was a kid in Texas. Ours wasn't the God of love and mercy, ours was the God of “Put Up or Shut Up”, which is probably why I respect people like you so much. Today she would be called a “Rino” at best, I have been called far worse.

I think many more Christians than we know are deeply offended by what's going on today. At least some of the ones I've talked to have been concerned.

Even an African American told me recently he thought immigrants and poor people caused the 2008 Great Recession. It's hard to compete with such successful propaganda, and it will be even harder to recover from the next financial crisis given the level of corruption and theft that has been allowed to fester and infect so much of the economy.

But I do have faith in most of you who post the truth, regardless of those who desperately wish to silence you.

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