Having been designated an “elitist” by a Mr. Marino a few weeks ago, I have been relishing that status!

I am an articulate, reasonable, intelligent female who does not hold back when challenged by distressing ideas or actions.

I do hope for Mr. Marino that he finds his personal time machine that will take him to a time when old white males ruled the world and there was nothing to change that.

I believe in the teachings of my church; I believe in

helping other people; I believe in equality for all; I believe in the rights of women to control their own destiny by controlling their own bodies.

I am more of a liberal than an elitist, being one of 12 children, having worked my way through college by working as a waitress, etc.

I have learned firsthand about the world that seems to be jarring to Mr. Marino. I will pray for him.

Sue Norman


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Miuke Nelson

I didn't see anything indicating you were being called any of those derogatory terms by the letter writer. You are indeed misinformed on many issues and the tone of your comments, indicate you think you are superior to people you don't agree with, so doesn't that make you the elitist?

Comment deleted.

Gmen, you really need to try to calm down a little. Your, shall we say, your side that seems to get you in trouble when commenting has started to kick in. Take a few deep breaths, back away from the computer. Perhaps an old man nap is in order.


Just read an article where liberal author Fran Lebowitz stated on Bill Maher last night that President Trump should not only be impeached but killed and dismembered. When told that she was getting 'blowback' on social media, she blamed it on 'too much coffee'. This is the Left , Folks. The only difference between a Socialist and a Stalinist is that the Socialist hasn't taken your guns - yet!.

Miuke Nelson

You seem to have this obsession with guns. Paranoid much?

CitrusCo Citizen

Shut the door, the Socialists are climbing in the windows and rushing up the stairs to take away your hundreds of guns, Gmen!


You really need to think about this, Gmen. When your dictator does send his goons to collect the citizen's guns they will certainly come to your house first because you have shouted from the rooftops that you have lots of guns there. Me.....I don't have any guns, wouldn't own a gun, want nothing to do with guns. Go to his house (wink, wink).


What few guns I used to have were lost at sea.


Was that during your mutiny, Gmen?

CitrusCo Citizen

Prayer will be an epic fail for Marino. Whatever these old men are now, will worsen as they age.


Thank you, Sue Norman for writing a heartfelt, intelligent letter. Too many people like Robert Marino make false assumptions based on prejudice and propaganda. Thank you for sharing your personal story.

Miuke Nelson

Maybe include GM in that too.

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