George Bendtsen lists the advantages of socialism in Denmark, but he left out one important fact: The U.S. left them alone.

Latin America answers to the Monroe Doctrine, which says Europe, keep your hands off South America. It’s ours to exploit.

Nicaragua, in the first Ortega administration, had a touch of socialism because it improved the lives of the people. But Bush the first got Violeta Chamorro elected with $10 a vote, paid by us taxpayers. In Venezuela, Chavez was doing fine. But we deliberately lowered the price of oil worldwide. Russia sells oil but was too big to fail. Venezuela couldn’t make it with failing oil prices and Maduro doesn’t have Chavez’ charisma. We always coveted those oil reserves and we will get them.

We are horrified that Russia may have interfered in our 2016 election, but we messed with almost every country’s election for half a century. We were most successful when we got Boris Yeltsin elected in Russia. He was a drunk and a buddy of Bill Clinton’s. He let Clinton run Russia into the ground and Russians were delighted with Vladimir Putin, who was sober and smart.

We are the empire, and if we had decided the Scandinavian countries would not be socialists, we would have clobbered Denmark. But they were grandfathered in and Denmark survived.

Mary B. Gregory


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Uep, agree 100%. The US hegemon is afraid now, partially because It is looking more and more likt Trump's sanctions are pushing even our so-called allies towards the petro yuan. WTH, we need a clean energy war, instead of the current dirty one.


This is excellent...however...OPEC determines the price of oil..not the US. Fracking and abundant natural gas have also impacted the price of oil. Just like Venezuela, Alaska in now feeling the impacts on their tax revenue from oil. Yep..our CIA has definitely interfered in foreign elections.

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