Now that you brought it up, the road trash in Citrus County is an embarrassment and a reflection of our lack of taking responsibility for ourselves. Yes, it is our responsibility whether we put it there or not.

First, we need to speak up, get the word out, that we take pride in our community and will not tolerate this abuse of it. Start by setting the example of personal responsibility at home with our children and emphasize it in our schools, churches and organizations.

Second, regardless of how it got there we act, individually and collectively. Individually, when out for a morning walk, carry a bag and a plastic glove and pick it up pick. Collectively, make adopting a portion of a roadway part of a commitment of our favorite organization. What happened to the “Adopt a Highway” program from the past? In my Montana alternate community, my Kiwanis club adopted a section of the highway on each entrance to the town. They diligently make it a commitment to keep their stretch clean, which can be a challenge catching up after the snow melts in the spring.

Finally, then when you drive around Citrus County with your friends visiting from elsewhere, you can take pride in your clean, litter-free roadways and feel the personal pride that you helped make it happen and smile.

Rosemary Kent