I have been wanting to support the local paper for a long time; I’m just getting settled in and can’t wait to hear all the news. I was sorry to hear through friends that there is such intolerance for actual truth and facts in this area, but I am not intimidated by bullies and look forward to reading and learning from the Chronicle. Go newspapers! Nothing fake about you.

Mary Schott


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CitrusCo Citizen

Mary, welcome, and learn that here in Citrus County you have to work a little harder to find the information that you need and want. I subscribe online to quite a few newspapers and magazines (I love having a paperless home!) and I'm going to cut my cable TV pretty soon because I get everything I need online. I do buy the Sunday paper copies of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, just for a treat. As for truthful, somewhat local, Florida news, I also subscribe to the Tampa Bay Times, the Ocala Star Banner, the Gainesville Sun, and the Orlando Sentinel, and of course the Citrus County Chronicle. There are some free online newspapers that are brutally honest--e.g. the Florida Phoenix and the Florida Bulldog. As for books, our local libraries can get you just about anything you need, and also if you have a Kindle you can get a pretty good discount on e-books. My neighbors and I exchange books and there are some local book clubs, too. If you want truth and knowledge in this county, it's a little expensive, and a bit inconvenient, but it's worth it if you intend to remain a well-informed citizen in a democracy!

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