Poor me! Today I realized just how spoiled many of us are, especially me. I was making tuna casserole, feeling sorry that I have no steak, no roasts of any kind, and I couldn’t even go to The Grille for Wednesday prime rib. I did not even have all of the ingredients for the tuna casserole; I just had to make due with what was in my pantry.

Then I compared myself to others, who are without the resourses to even make a tuna casserole.

Shame on me. How lacking I felt. I should look at what I have, not what I do not have.

I have a comfortable home owned without debt, while others are struggling to meet rent or mortgages. How easy it is to shelter in place. I have no worries about being unsheltered out in the woods.

Poor me! I cannot visit with my grandchildren. But think again, I speak to them on Facetime, and I guess I’ll learn that virtual hugs carry the same love as physical hugs.

Poor me! I can’t shop. I like to look and touch and feel items that interest me. Shopping is a sensory experience for me. At age 77 and with compromised lungs — stage 4 lung cancer — shopping right now is a very bad idea. COVID-19 erases my need for that sensory shopping experience, but I still have the desire.

Another poor me! I love my church. Services are discouraged. I love Mass. I know I need to stay away. I especially love Praise and Worship, a charismatic group that celebrates the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Right now, poor me! Praise and Worship is on hold. But I can pray alone. I have all kinds of resourses available online. Why am I thinking "poor me"?

I can praise God anytime. I can listen to praise music on my phone or computer.. My spiritual life continued despite how sick I was with this condition called cancer. I testify to God’s continued presence and love when cancer was consuming most of me. Thank God for prayer and medicine.

Poor me! I cannot see my friends. But wait, they call. They even call during my cancer treatments. Two friends, one from here in Citrus County and another from Connecticut, kept me occupied during my latest infusion. That’s love. I think it’s His love, but you are the judge of that.

Mary Coleman

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

You go, girl! Whatever Gets You Through The Night! (John Lennon, 1974 Apple Records): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAX6fXkOrNU

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