A Sept. 10 letter to the editor by William Collins extolled the virtues of using renewable fuels and listed three countries that get 100% of their energy from renewable sources: Iceland, Scotland and Costa Rica. Mr. Collins invited his readers to “look it up online,” if in doubt. Well, I feel no need to go online and ask DuckDuckGo for assistance — I’ll just wing it.

Having spent time in all three of those countries, I seem to recall a great number of automobiles, commercial fishing vessels, airplanes and cruise ships powered by fossil fuels, not to mention the pollution created at outdoor restaurants where meat was cooked over humongous charcoal grills with grates that rose, fell and rotated.

Energy by way of non-renewable fossil fuels appeared to contribute greatly to the economy and transportation in those countries. As for energy required for defense, the United States carried that water, and still does. Yes, the “good old USA” that Mr. Collins would have us believe is inferior to communist China and on par with the likes of Morocco and Kenya.

I was stationed at Keflavik, Iceland, with the USAF and spent a year in the country. Their geothermal power was impressive, but then they have the fortune of sitting upon active volcanoes, one of which blew up while I was there. That was some time ago, but the last I checked, airlines still fly to and from Iceland, cruise ships come and go, people drive cars, and their massive fleet of commercial fishing boats still ply the waters, few of which are powered by renewable fuel sources.

How was Iceland so prescient as to develop geothermal and hydroelectric power? They had no choice; having cut down all their trees and sitting not on oil but volcanoes, it was either that or abandon the island.

If Mr. Collins was merely addressing “power grids,” he could have said as much and without all the America bashing.

Steve Ketzer Jr.


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CitrusCo Citizen

Tomp, you're right, there have always been changing climates on planet Earth. But once upon a time, long long ago, there was a Climate Crisis caused by a huge asteroid, blasting a hole in the planet and shadowing and freezing it for several years and that didn't work out so well for the residents of the time--mostly dinosaurs. But that was just a freak accident--nobody's fault--it just happened. But now we have another looming Climate Crisis that is guaranteed to eventually, step by step, wipe out most of the lives of our descendants and everything else. Worse, air, oceans, and soil wil be polluted long after. The first Climate Crisis was not preventable, but this new one is preventable. Unfortunately, homo sapiens are the only creatures that can prevent a Climate Crises, but they obviously they are, thus far, not proving to be very "Sapien", are they?

CitrusCo Citizen

Steve, since you live in Florida, the "SUNSHINE" State, where the previous governor, Rick Scott, banned solar power so that the fossil fuel industry could profit and line the pockets of Scott and other Florida legislators, and the current governor is not doing any better, you really need to stop denying that Florida is last in the USA in the use of solar energy, a nonpolluting, eternally renewable, and inexpensive natural resource. You also need to stop denying that not only is Florida are way behind the rest of the USA in the use of solar power, but also the USA is so far behind other countries, that it's downright embarrassing. You also need to stop denying that Climate Change is caused by humans' use of fossil fuels that produce carbon and their love of destroying trees that absorb carbon dioxoide. But you won't and so I guess there's truth in the saying that "we're just going to have to wait until the old folks die off before renewable, nonpolluting energy becomes the norm and climate change is addressed in Florida and the USA."


People who cannot go online and find out what real science has to say about climate change are doomed to being part of the DuckDuckDead generation. They will just ride their horse and buggy off into the sunset, not knowing how wonderful the future could be, given the chance.

CitrusCo Citizen

What's incredibly sad is that the Deniers could care less about what kind of planet their grandchildren will be living on long after the old dudes are gone. I guess they're so self-centered that they don't care very much about their grandchildren's lives 10-20 years from now.


There has always been climate change on planet earth. Tectonic plate movement, asteroids colliding with Yucatan, the Krakatoa volcano, the Ice Age cometh and goeth. All "natural" phenoms. The came the industrial revolution and sun stopped shining in England and the smog alerts rose in LA, and the Paradise fire killed 85 at the same time the Santa Rosa and the Middletown fires burned in Calif. Man can and does accelerate climate change. Just look up a photo of earth from the Space Station and ponder how thin the atmosphere layer is that protects us....it is that layer that we must preserve and not allow any minute degradation of that layer or we are toast...and that is not a function of nature...it is a function of humans not paying attention.

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