Boy-oh-boy, the Senate Republicans have done it now. If the president cannot be held responsible for anything that he or she does, then what we effectively have is a monarchy. Trump has said that he wants to be king, and now, for all practical purposes, that is what he has become. The problem with that is that this king can be replaced in an election. The king’s servants have allowed him to create precedent after precedent after precedent, and in so doing, have made it acceptable for any president to do anything he or she wants.

Just wait until Bernie or Elizabeth get in that office. You are going to see more presidential dictates than you can count. We will have clean water and clean air again. The killing of Americans by pollution will come to a screeching halt. Presidential announcements of matters of national security, such as these, will be flying out of the White House in unprecedented numbers. Is health care a matter of national security? How about student loan forgiveness? Climate change? You bet your life, literally. Many will say yes. So much for that!

Here is an example of why we cannot compete financially in international trade. An American team and a Japanese team were competing in a rowing race. The Japanese team had one manager and six rowers. The American team had six managers and one rower. The Japanese won by mile. Before the rematch, the Americans reorganized their team. They now have one superintendent, five managers, and one rower. The Japanese still have one manager and six rowers. The Japanese won by two miles. So, the American team fired the rower.

Some say that we are the richest and most successful nation on Earth. Oh yeah? How many nations can you name where debt is greater than the gross national product? Your share of that debt is $69,000. For a family of four, that amount is $276,000. How are you going to pay that off? The fact is that if you compare assets to liabilities, we are one of the poorest nations. We only seem rich because we have been living it up on other people’s borrowed money. We need to do something about that.

William Collins