The Crystal River Lions Club has been assisting the citizens of Citrus County for over 50 years. Now the Lions need assistance from the people of Citrus County. Some investors from New York have purchased the parcels next to the old train depot, our clubhouse, and placed pad locks on our two out buildings — the storage shed for our lawnmowers and equipment, and the small office building. These buildings are on the property the New York people own but that is only part of the story.

These investors bought 20 properties from Cemex, A Mexican concrete company. All those 19 other properties have been sold.

This last piece of property is where people park when they attend functions at the Lions Club or when they lease the building. If the Lions lose this parking we will not be able to continue as a viable club assisting the citizens of Citrus. We arrange for eyeglasses and vision equipment and cataract surgeries. We donate to guide dogs for the blind and many other local charities, such as CASA and veterans organizations.

We are not the only organization that makes use of this property. CHIPS and Sertoma also have a vested interest. CHIPS provides hearing aids for children that are hearing impaired.

I have spoken to a county commissioner and have been rebuffed, and I and others have appeared before the Crystal River CRA and city council and they have declined to help.

Therefore, I am turning to the people of this county. Help us so that we can continue to help you. We want someone to buy this property and donate it to the city. The New York investors are asking $115,000 for the property. We cannot own it, nor do we want to own it. Our motto is “We Serve,” and all we want to do is to continue serving. Make all contributions to Brannen Bank, and please start soon. Our lawnmowers are locked up and the grass is going to have to be cut soon! Help all of us help all of you.

Lewis Chandler

Immediate past president

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