I was so disappointed in the Citrus County Chronicle when it published Anna DeRose’s letter, “Say goodbye to the country you loved.”

When I read this letter, I was conflicted. I understand that letters to the editor are in the Opinions section and need not be the truth nor based on knowledge. People have the right to their opinion, and they have a right to express these opinions in the Chronicle. The Chronicle also has the right to publish them or ignore them. That’s the American way.

It is also the American way for American’s to protect our fundamental institutions, like voting. American service members have died to preserve these national foundations. Nevertheless, Trump’s stolen election lies are hurting American, and by publishing this letter, the Chronicle is complicit in spreading his voting conspiracies. The more people who read these letters, the more they believe they are in the majority, and someone stole the election. That’s not good for America’s future. The editors should have filed this letter in the round file. Instead, they joined fringed websites and helped spread this misinformation about our election.

The voting conspiracy started by Trump is hurting America. Despite all the real evidence, 70% of Republicans believe somebody stole the election from Trump. Many don’t trust their government and the Chronicle is feeding into that distrust.

Our founders understood the vital importance of the press in maintaining an educated citizenry and a transparent government. The Opinion page is important to that mission.

I’ve reread DeRose’s letter many times, and I have not found a single factual statement in her letter. Reading that letter will not make you an educated citizen. It will only perpetuate a lie and spread distrust of our government. The Chronicle should have added it to the pile of submitted-but-not-published letters.

Thomas Mitchell