I’ve been thinking — I really do that sometimes. We elect senators and representatives to represent us on the local, state and the federal level. Since the last national election, we have seen the worst failure ever on the part of our national elected officials.

Instead of representing us, they are acting like immature elementary schoo yard children. Several are searching for a reason to fight and the rest do not have enough backbone to put an end to this childish behavior and get on with the job they were hired to do.

A few U.S. representatives have taken it upon themselves to promote a hate-filled cause — the impeachment of the president — and they don’t realize the damage it is doing. In the meantime, they and the rest of our leaders have neglected their responsibility to the citizens of our country. It is about time for them to call a truce and get on with the business of leading our country.

Maybe it is just as well that the senators and representatives are otherwise involved. Possibly they could better serve us if they would play tiddlywinks instead.

Fortunately, while they are so preoccupied, our president has accomplished an amazing amount of good for our country, as well a the rest of the world. Hopefully, he can continue to withstand the pressure and keep up the good work.

Our country is experiencing a most positive time right now. Congress, join the crowd!

Robert E. Hagaman


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Well, Trump did so much good he even ran the circus out of town so He could become the Ring Leader....This really sucks!!!


Bob Hagaman, please do your homework and quit imbibing Russian propaganda. Read the U.S. Constitution. Follow the money. It's willful ignorance that will destroy the United States; willful ignorance chronically displayed by Hagaman and the rest of the Trump cult members.


Glad to see you made an attempt to actually do some thinking, but keep trying. We elected a majority to the house in 2018, and we are going to do the same in the senate in 2020 along with getting rid of Trump who has circumvented our constitution. The house democrats did exactly what we wanted them to do, expose Trump for what he is for all to see and we will continue that until election time. Trump has surrounded himself with enablers that will vote and defend him no matter what peril he puts the U.S. in . The only clear winners here are Russia, Iran, and N. Korea. The losers here are us, the constitution and the precedent that it sets. I can hardly wait to hear conservatives cry foul when a democrat take's office and tries to use executive privilege or ignores subpoenas.


I saw a great bumper sticker yesterday.....MAKE AMERICA THINK AGAIN !


our president has accomplished an amazing amount of good for our country, as well a the rest of the world.....Really? Like what? He broke the nuke deal with Iran against the wishes of the other nations that signed it. He broke the TransPac which emboldened China and opened the door for China to fill the void in Asia. He renamed NAFTA and changed almost nothing. He told our NATO allies the US was leaving NATO. He abandoned the Kurdish forces that helped fight against ISIS. He almost started a war with Iran and got Iraq so mad they told the US to get out of their country. He was a laughing rube at his UN speech claiming to be the greatest president in the history of our country. He nailed we taxpayers for over $30 billion to cover the deep loses of our farmers due to the trade war with China. He is taking funds allocated to boost our military to rebuild old sections of walls on the Mexico border. He tried to extort Ukraine to dig up dirt on his perceived biggest rival...Joe Biden. What was good for us...how about tax cuts for the rich and measly token cuts for the middle class!

Please Mr. Hagaman...enlighten us...enumerate with facts the good he has done for the world and America.




Hey Mike, Is that all you got?


Bell-Man: That’s all he needs. You don’t understand what thumps up means? Well, no wonder ...

CitrusCo Citizen

The problem is that Hagaman will never read all of these postings because once he's sent in his hand-written or "typed" letter, he'll never go online to read these complaints about Trump and about Hagaman.

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