In your Friday, May 17, edition, I found perfect examples of why I have a hard time relating to liberals, progressives and socialists — whatever you call them. These individuals constantly come across as doom and gloom pessimists. Trump did this, Trump did that, climate change will kill us, war is inevitable, and so on.

I can’t imagine living with one of these pessimists 24/7. I think I would want to kill myself within a week. There are a few constant contributors to the letters to editor section of your paper who could use counseling or a good night out on the town.

The first letter to editor from Kathy Dobronyi, one of the frequent contributors, compares Trump to Hitler and his policies to the Holocaust. Why would Kathy settle in the heart of Trump country surrounded by deplorables when she could be in San Francisco or New York City surrounded by likeminded malcontents?

The second letter was from one of my all-time favorites, Roger Cullen. Roger says that the tax breaks Trump gave Americans did not help the lower-income folks. Roger doesn’t seem to realize that you can’t give tax breaks to folks who don’t pay taxes. Roger would give a refund to those who didn’t pay in the first place. Roger compares Trump to “Animal House” then tells us that Congress didn’t give his beloved Obama enough money to institute his policies (thank goodness for that).

Then there’s my absolute all-time favorite, William Collins, who insists Trump will kill us all, and if he doesn’t, the climate will. He thinks the climate would have reacted differently if Hillary had been elected.

Reading the letters from such high-minded folks does make my day, but I worry about their mental health. Perhaps those of us who aren’t overcome with grief over what is or what’s coming can take up a collection and throw a party for the local progressive, liberal socialists in our community. That would surely be a heck of a wing-ding, but I don’t think I’d care to attend. At my age, I can only take so much fun at one time. For the rest of us, carry on, but keep it legal.

Fred Tims

Crystal River

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CitrusCo Citizen

Aren't you the dude who has waterfront property that keeps flooding? Oh well!

CitrusCo Citizen

Oh by the way, Mr. Tims, we'll be setting up a committee to make sure that your doctors, dentist, attorney, your lawn service, all of your neighbors, your car mechanic, gas station owners, accountant, anyone you socialize with especially at class reunions, all of the employees of the restaurants and bars that you frequent are NOT liberals! It's a huge job but we're up to the task--after all we wouldn't want you to be exposed to all of these millions of nasty American citizens, since you just can't "relate" to them. It's a win-win--everyone will be much happier without having to provide you with any services or getting to know you. Your letter was very helpful and a great "heads up" --I'm sure many of them will be dropping you as a client ASAP.

Comment deleted.

Mr. Tims.....note that even over the top best buddy Howard Stern says Trump really, really, needs psychotherapy. Perhaps most of the Trump base also need some.


Hey Chronicle, I thought you didn't allow disparaging comments about others!
You don't even allow letters with facts about politicians' records during election season! You don't allow letters on controversial topics such as women's rights! This letter personally targets other letter writers without discussing the issue(s) of disagreement. Let's keep it above board, people! Chronicle, you need to look out for those with the guts to write a letter.... many folks are not interested in being attacked personally. Treat your writers -- from all points of view -- the same way you treat politicians. Allow no personal attacks. Thank you!


Truth seeker. You are absolutely right. We slipped by allowing this letter to publish. We constantly turn letters like this away, because they attack other letter writers and do not discuss the issues. We had no business allowing someone to make personal attacks on others for their views. I apologize for the oversight and we will do better in the future. — Mike Arnold/editor


So, Mike, you delete my comment because I used the word that rhymes with 'mate', yet this 'mateful' letter is still being displayed online. Wow!


Excellent points, Truthseeker. Thank you for making them.

CitrusCo Citizen

I agree with lifelonglearner and Truthseeker!


The don't allow comments about their politician's but if they allowed the letters to flood in which provides facts their politicians have wronged the public, this paper would burn!!! So while they hip hip hooray for the Politicians, that's a one way street! It's a disgrace to say the least. Let's keep it at that!


Perhaps someone should tell Fred Tims that choosing to be willfully ignorant isn't funny. I know Roger Cullen and Kathy Dobronyi. They are interesting, fun people. Kathy has a beautiful smile she shares with everyone and enjoys laughing with people. Frankly, if Fred Tims throws a party, I sincerely doubt they would come. William Collins, Roger Cullen, and Kathy Dobronyi care too much about people, the environment, and the world to celebrate greed, corruption, and hatred to spend time with him and his sort, the willfully ignorant.

CitrusCo Citizen

I would like to get to know these three people (Collins, Cullen and Dobronyi), based on what I've read of their excellent, substantive writing and strong, logical lines of reasoning. They certainly add quality and interest to this discussion forum. I hope they ignore the nasty comments made by Tims and know that they are truly appreciated.


Well Tim, I'd throw a party for anyone you mentioned, except Don the Con. He would probably steal all the good paper towels while complaining about the refreshments on Twitter. I'm glad there are people who actually aren't star struck by such a profoundly incompetent leader. I was starting to search for real estate in countries where freedom isn't just a sale's pitch to unsustainable debt.

Miuke Nelson

I don't get conservatives or fascist/dictators or whatever they are calling themselves these days. Those who used to embrace the constitution, and screamed bloody murder over Obama, now seem to forget it even exists unless it's #2. They look the other way while Trump guts the ideals of the Republican party and what America used to stand for. They denigrate anybody who thinks differently that they do. They have no problem misrepresenting facts if it suits them. They are driven by three issues. They'll look the other way while Trump and his criminal cronies, pillage our country and threaten to execute political rivals as long as the orange god (1) promises to put women in their place by banning abortions, (2) making sure guns are available to anyone who can afford them, and (3) keeping anyone who's not white away from our country.

Talking about progressives by saying "Reading the letters from such high-minded folks does make my day, but I worry about their mental health. " That sounds pretty uppity to me. You seem to think you are better than those that disagree but rather than make a coherent argument, you simply insult them. Not very productive and certainly not a way to change hearts and minds. You worried about them, but NOT worried about the #stablegenius? #SAD

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