I had to smile when I saw the July 6 edition of the Chronicle. The one headline that I am referring to that made me smile read, “US adds solid 224,000 jobs, making Fed rate cut less certain.”

My question is, just how many of these jobs are going to give hardworking people a livable wage and health benefits so people can have some dignity, and big corporations would not have a lot of turnover? Hmmm ... I wonder.

Marty Farrenholz

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

Many of those jobs are just that--temporary gigs. Examples are pipeliners, oil rig workers, jobs in construction for highways, gas stations, fast food joints, developments, etc. Here today, gone tomorrow. What about careers that result in long term home ownership, good health and retirement benefits and permanent "livable" wages? Anyone can work a "job", but careers take education and/or training, commitment, motivation and a long-term goal planning.


The Suncoast 2 to the middle of Citrus County is already creating jobs....WAWA, Burger King and even 7 Eleven are rushing to build and create those high paying jobs. LOL!

CitrusCo Citizen

Not high paying jobs-- at least not enough to support a spouse and several children. And what a dead end--no hope for intellectual stimulation or creativity, development of more skills through training, decent benefits, full time employment, advancement, personal growth, etc. Nope--just flippin' burgers and handling the cash register. Hate to say it, but robots could do that, and you wouldn't have to pay them wages, benefits, and could make them work 24-7-365!

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