Another day, another abomination! I have watched Miss (Laura) Ingram on Fox News for the last time. The gall to set up an interview feet away from the grave site of thousands of soldiers at Normandy for the explicit purpose to ask questions of the president, to lead him to criticize Mueller and Pelosi on this sacred day of remembrance. Not on this day! Not at this site! I can only hope all veterans realize how barbaric this was and are filled with outrage at this act. Shame, shame, shame!

Also, the White House bans all travel with Cuba. That will hurt the U.S. travel industry. Saying Cuba supports the president of Venezuela. It is so hypocritical to use this excuse since his great friend, Putin, has Russian troops and arms there as we speak. Why does Trump not ban travel to Russia? Apparently the president is not able to admit this is just all about getting rid of another Obama initiative. People need to start thinking for themselves and facing the reality of what is really happening in the great country.

Jerry Daniels


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Geez what a bunch of hysterical Anti-President Trump ranting on this site. The man has done more good for this country than Obama or Bush ever did. Grow up folks.


Let the trolling begin for 2020, huh, KimR.

CitrusCo Citizen

Troll. Do not feed the troll.

CitrusCo Citizen

During that interview he told Ingraham that the officials were standing by just for him to finish the interview before they would start the D-Day ceremonies! But just yesterday, she announced publicly, on Fox, that Trump's statement was false! No, instead, the officials were waiting for a late politician to arrive and it had nothing to do with Trump's interview. Trump just made up that lie in milliseconds, broadcast it to the world, and then Fox News and Laura Ingraham had to scramble and be honest enough to set things straight with their audience. What is wrong with him that he can lie so easily, flippantly and publicly without a twinge of remorse or conscience? It boggles the minds of everyone, (except psychiatrists who recognize his characteristics of egosyntonic personality disorder in abnormal pscyhology.)


If Frump had to do an interview ..... How strange that he would chose Pox News as his carrier of choice ?????

CitrusCo Citizen

He wouldn't dare do an interview on PBS, CBS,ABC, NBC,MSNBC, NPR, Time Magazine, The NYT, Washington Post, etc. etc. etc. and all of the other forms of media. He only has POX, now.


Unfortunately, Mr. Daniels, a cult leader can get away with pretty much anything in the eyes of his followers. One would hope that veterans and current members of the military would see, from this interview, just exactly how much of a lack of respect this man has for any of them. Now or then. Is this really a Commander in Chief that they would trust.


His phoney "sincerity" while delivering a speech he could not possible construct by himself at the D-Day memorial ceremony made me sick! Go to this YouTude to hear Charles Durning at the memorial to hear real sincerity. It will bring tears to your eyes.

CitrusCo Citizen

Wow. Excellent. Thank you for that experience and I'll share it with others. I lost an uncle at the Battle of the Bulge and even though I never met him I find myself apologizing to him for giving up his young, precious life defending the chaotic, corrupt Un-united States of America today.

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