Even though President Trump and his team are working diligently to attack the cornovirus, again tonight all the news outlets except Fox News continue to look for every way they can to tear down the effort. They have no solutions to offer, just criticism. No matter how serious the situation is, it takes a period of time to put plans in motion.

In their debate, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders offered their solutions. Biden did not understand that he recommended just what Trump’s team is doing. Sanders could only reiterate his campaign theme, namely, if we just had his single-payer plan for health care, we would not have this problem. Of course, Bernie left out the part that our economy would be in about the same condition as North Korea.

They followed up pointing out the necessity for destroying all that Trump has accomplished for us in the face of a constant barrage of criticism. I think hate for Trump is so rampant in the Democrat Party and the liberal media that they are miserable. Of course, they secretly relish in the comfort they receive from his policies.

Hopefully, Trump’s supporters will not get complacent and let one of the Democrat candidates have a chance to set us back. Also, hopefully we can soon put the coronovirus threat behind us.

Robert E. Hagaman