I am writing this letter to express my views on what is happening in this country. I thank the good Lord every day that Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. He is trying so very hard to make this a safer and better country for all of its citizens in spite of the opposition of the opposing party. I did not vote for a saint in the last election but rather I voted for a person whom I felt was the best candidate for the job and that person thankfully won the election.

I viewed the Democratic debate on Nov. 20 for awhile and there is nobody I feel is competent (except for maybe one person who was given very, very little airtime) enough to even be considered for the job as president.

These candidates talk about a living wage of $15 an hour. Let me see them try to live on that wage. They have lifestyles most of us only dream about and no one has asked to see their tax returns, including that of Speaker Pelosi.

None of the moderators (who were not good at all) asked about the issues regarding former Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, who received a tremendous salary for knowing nothing about the company he was on the board of.

This was a terrible debate fielded by unqualified people campaigning to be president of this country. It would be devastating if any of them were elected. I think enough people in this country will see that this doesn’t happen.

Robert Allen


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For reals ? Orange colored glasses . Dang . That must explain why I put orange slices in my beer , my constant craving for mandarin chicken , and why I marinade shrimp in orange marmalade before I put them on the grill. Thanks sister , your alright.


Like it , love it or hate it Trump is going to be re-elected .


Once again, SJOHNSON, you are viewing the world through orange colored glasses. Don't trip.

Robert, you really should stop receiving you information and facts from Fox, Britebart, and other sources as they have compleatly brainwashed you. Trump wants the minimum wage to be $7.50 an hour which qualifies the worker to receive welfare and food stamps. At $ 15.00 an hour the worker no longer qualifies and we can stop subsidizing all the big retailers and business. While I don't agree with all the Democratic candidates on some issues any of them would be better than Trump. You are holding out the only thing Trump can claim, good employment and a good economy, granted. But their are a lot of issues that are more important than those. He is systematically tearing down our constitution and the free society that is so important to us as well as a whole host of other issues. All those on the right need to start paying attention and stop blindly following the crowd.

CitrusCo Citizen

You are SO wrong, Robert. All of the candidates are hands-down, so much more qualified and capable than Trump, to run the nation. Each candidate "trumps" Trump in a different way. Trump is a first grader when it comes to math, economics, and business, as compared to Yang. Trump is a disorganized, rambling, repeating, bumbling idiot in public speaking and writing as compared to Buttegieg, Warren, Bloomberg has a lot more money than Trump and is lean and in shape. Sanders has all of the young on his side. Klobuchar gets things done and is popular with both parties. Her emotional intelligece (E.Q.) trumps Trump big time. All of the candidates will be much more skilled in international diplomacy and maintaining world peace than Trump and all of them will be much more respected by our allies as well as other countries. All of them in some way or another will be able to help the vulnerable Americans--the poor, elderly, differently abled, unemployed and unemployable, veterans, homeless, mentally and physically ill, children and children's health and education, the Dreamers and those who are working hard and legally to gain U.S. citizenship. These are Americans, too, and they need to be attended to, if we are going to call ourselves a "great" nation. Trump is totally incompetent and unqualified emotionally, mentally, intellectually to be our president and the sooner he's gone, the better. Just because he's had his teeth straightened and whitened, his skin slathered in makeup, his hair done up every hour or so, and his long ties custom-made overseas and has a wife who was a model doesn't make him qualified to be a leader of anything. I have to assume that since you deny climate change and deny Trump's upcoming impeachement, then you will not even bother to listen or appreciate any of the 20 or so candidates who are SO much more qualified than Trump.



You have indeed outdone yourself! I can't stop laughing!

CitrusCo Citizen

Enjoy yourself!

Great Letter. Unfortunately their are some people out there that are so dense you will never convince them otherwise.


Robert, please explain the President putting his son-in-law, Jared, in charge of Middle East Peace, The Opioid Crisis, Building the Wall, Modernize the Department of Veterans Affairs, Criminal justice Reform, Liaison to Mexico, Liaison to China, and Liaison to the Muslim Community. The man is a real estate agent just like his father-in-law and not even a good one, at that.

Their are a lot of assumptions here that the author needs to fact check. Trump has failed to bring about any changes in health care, infrastructure, the environment, the national debt that is going to destroy us very soon. He has caused problems with N Korea, Iran, Russia, the Paris accord and our trade agreements with other countries. Putting blinders on and ignoring these problems doesn't make them go away. Trump is a great salesman and really should be selling used cars, but a poor leader and will go down in history as the worst president

CitrusCo Citizen

Apparently you also approve of three wives, two of whom were from Eastern Europe, his admiration of cruel dictators, his imprisonment of 1500 toddlers, up children and teens, his disrespect and even hatred of women who are intelligent, his adultery, his denial of the U.S. citizenship of President Obama, his thousands of lies, his thousands of insults, his $120 millions spent on his personal golf games at taxpayers' expense, the list goes on and on. But I'm not expecting much from you--people who deny climate change will also deny that Trump is a criminal and not fit to hold the office of president of the United States. You drank the Koolaid and it's too late to change.



I'm not sure what Country you reside, but did you Audition for the Barnum Bailey Circus too? Your comment is a JOKE!


The economy is booming, unemployment is lowest in decades. The USA is the envy of the world (which is why everyone is trying to enter legally or illegally)! Not sure where you are living or why you seem to believe the US is not doing well.


Unemployment has been heading down for quite some time, just look at the chart. And the USA has ALWAYS been the envy of the world, at least before 2016. Anyone who thinks "the economy is great" isn't paying attention to the repo market down there at the corner of Wall Street and Denial Boulevard.

CitrusCo Citizen

Go up to the Midwest and talk to all of the farmers. They are barely breaking even and some aren't. The future doesn't look bright for them.


Mr. Allen....this is from the Center for Responsive Politics.....

Members of Congress, candidates for federal office, senior congressional staff, ... the president and vice president and Supreme Court justices are required by the Ethics in ... by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to file annual reports disclosing their ... These forms record earned and unearned income, assets and related ...

Ethics is the key word here..and since Trump is still refusing to release his tax reports....he is consistent with his demonstration of his lack of ethics...in his personal life (a la Stormy and the Playmate), business ( as in multiple bankruptcies, law suits for non payment) and personal politics (a la Ukraine and his buddy Putin).


The Ethic act of 1978 does NOT require income tax records. In fact IRS records are protected by 26 U.S. Code § 6103

CitrusCo Citizen

. . .even for members of the Mafia or other corrupt or criminal people and their organizations? I thought that's how they finally got some of the "Untouchables" like Al Capone--through income tax fraud.


Please explain, LIzBurda, why he needs to protect his income tax records so carefully. Mine certainly don't need any such protection as they are legal and correct and I have paid all the taxes owed in support of my country. Do your own income tax records needs such protection? If so....why?


Liz...look it up....

Title I requires those in the public service sector to fill out financial disclosure forms which include the sources and amounts of income, gifts, reimbursements, the identity and approximate value of property held and liabilities owed, transactions in property, commodities, and securities, and certain financial interests of a spouse or dependent.

The report must then be filed to the appropriate state officer of his or her state, and the committee charged with issues of ethics in his or her respective house of Congress. The President, Vice President, counsel appointed to the United States Department of Justice, and nominees to positions that require United States Senate confirmation must file with the Director of the Office of Government Ethics.

People that must file reports include, but are not limited to: the President, Vice President, employees and officers of the Executive Branch, Postmaster General, the Deputy Postmaster General, each Governor of the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service and each officer or employee of the United States Postal Service or Postal Regulatory Commission.

Disclosure must also be made available to the public shortly after they are submitted.

The Attorney General of the United States can bring charges against anyone who falsifies information in the reports.

CitrusCo Citizen

Thanks, Tomp I learned something new here! I didn't know that a president must submit a financial disclosure form. Did Trump do that and if so did he file with NY? Is that financial disclosure "public domain" or is it "classified".

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