Your article about the impeachment vote had one glaring omission, the vote count. Democrats/media are fond of omissions when it serves their purpose. The Democrats promised us a bipartisan impeachment process. No Republicans voted to impeach in the House, but the Democrats think that’s bipartisan. They lied to the American people, again.

The other day we were discussing impeachment. I asked a friend who happens to be a Democrat, if he thought it was warranted. He was adamant that it was necessary to save the nation. I asked him, if Trump sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels that ended up killing border agents would that be grounds for impeachment? He just grinned at me. I asked him, if Trump used the IRS to target his political enemies would that be grounds for impeachment? I don’t think I changed his mind, but he didn’t want to talk impeachment anymore.

For months I have listened to the Dems/media rant about how no one in this country is above the law. Well there are 20-plus million illegals in this country who would disagree. Add to that the Dems won’t let the feds enforce our laws in sanctuary cities — hypocrisy, I think. Look at the fact that Joe Biden used $1 billion in aid to the Ukraine as leverage to get an investigation into his sons wrong doings dropped. All the while the Dems have charged Trump with the same crime because they think he might have been trying to do what Biden publically bragged about doing. Talk about hypocrisy.

Mark my word, Trump will be re-elected and Pelosi will be a one-term speaker. When you consider what the Democrats have not accomplished over the past two years, why would you vote for more wasted opportunity? Once Trump is re-elected the Dems/media will start chasing their tail again. My wish is that once Trump is re-elected, he will make term limits his first priority and get rid of career politicians who have promised change for years and years, accomplishing nothing for the people while becoming multi-millionaires on the public dime. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Dems/media tackle real issues as hard as they go after Trump? Then again, maybe it’s better they don’t get anything done.

Fred Tims

Crystal River

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Was Bill Clinton’s impeachment bipartisan? lol okay.


We’re going to have insurance for everybody … much less expensive and much better.” … “Nobody knows health care better than Donald Trump” … “Nobody knows the tax code better than I do.” … “Nobody knows politics better than I do.” … “Nobody knows the politicians better than me.” … “I know more than the Generals” … “Nobody knows the system better than me … which is why I alone can fix it …”—If only we could find this “Nobody” person.

Mexico will pay for the Wall. I will fund my own re election , I will not owe money to lobbyist or special interest.

In reality, Trump is a clueless oaf — unscripted, his only constant is incoherent, mendacious and delusional blathering.


Mr is why Trump so desperately wants to be re-elected...he doesn't want to go to jail for this excerpt from a respondent on the Quara Digest.....

Well, it’s been an open secret in New York investment circles that he’s been laundering money for drug cartels, the Russian mob, and others for decades now. Legal interest in the story perked up when he was elected President, and several of the lines of prosecution currently being pursued by the New York Attorney General and others revolve around money laundering. Those cases will go forward on January 20, 2021 at 12:01 PM, most likely before President Warren finishes her speech.

Deutsche Bank is a big piece of this, because they continued to lend him money long after every other major lender considered him a bad credit risk, due to his string of bankruptcies and failures to pay. Either DB was and is staffed by fools (they’re not), Trump falsified his financial position to them (likely) with a level of sophistication to beat their due diligence (unlikely), or somebody overrode the risk controls for reasons which are currently murky.


I do love the 'I have a friend' stories, we all know what he means. First saying the Bidens profitted from Joe being vice president is laughable, how many millions have the Trumps made since he was elected? Also don't you think Trump running a fraud of a charity an impeachable offense? Notice the word fraud, the charity was disolved and fines had to be paid, in simple terms guilty. Do nothing Dems? Do you know how many BIPARTISIAN bills are languishing in the McConnell run senate? Hardly do nothing. What has Trump done exactly? Even with a Republican run House and Senate his first 2 years he still had to Executive Order things to get his policies out. How about sending the national guard to the border for 'the invasion' instead of the wildfires in California because of his wall delusion not getting approval. Last you know anything at all? Don't answer, that one is pretty easy to figure out.

Miuke Nelson

"They lied to the American people, again." This from a supporter of somone who lies so many times, they stooped keeping count at 15,000. Cons are so good at projection that they define it.


Fred"s letters get more ridiculous with more distorted nonfactual information every time. First of all, The democrats have only started the impeachment process as that will be up to the Senate and which is supposed to be bipartisan, but I doubt Moscow Mitch will see it that way. 2nd, He distorted the sale of guns to the cartel story. The gun sale was approved by the state dept to the police and the Mexican military but they had 150,000 of their troops defect to the cartels and take their guns with them. (Hardly corruption on our part) 3rd. Their is no proof that Biden used $1 billion as leverage. This is a made up story from Hannity on FOX news. 4th, The Democrats have over 175 bills passed that are sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk that he will not pass so that is false. I would suggest that Fred starts researching his facts instead of just making up story's that have been regurgitated B.S. from Fox and Rush Limbaugh but then I have to guess maybe that his intent was to spread more misinformation to further his misguided beliefs. We don't buy it Fred.


You may want to pull your head out of the sand or wherever it is stuck be fore you suffocate.

CitrusCo Citizen

You're right. Fred has his head stuck in the sand, as usual.


Take a good look at the graph of the Real Gross National Product on the non-media Federal Reserves web site. Look at the 70 year chart and then look at the one year chart. Or, look at the tax burden shifted from the corporation to the payroll taxes (workers including the middle class, also known as consumers). This is the Great Con of 2016! Conservatism is a lie and the math proves it.


Another fox regurgitation. Come on, Fred, get a useful hobby.


great letter Fred

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