In any republic, the principles of transparency and accountability demand that the actions and decisions of the elected officials be open to public scrutiny. My God — don’t we all have the right to know what our government is doing? This is even more essential when we have the House seeking to impeach the president. The current impeachment inquiry is, at a loss for a better word, chaotic. No one seems to know what is going on behind the closed doors!

The Democrats have chosen a Star Chamber approach to removing the president. The majority of the House members, President Trump, and the American voters who placed him in office, have been left in the dark without any access to facts, documents and testimony. Speaker Pelosi and her chosen minion Rep. Adam Schiff are operating in the shadows, having commandeered their impeachment power and anointed themselves as the sole determinants. What is the purpose of an electoral choice by the many if it can be reversed by the maneuvers of the few? Republicans are prohibited from rebutting it. Republicans are also deprived of subpoena power and forbidden from calling witnesses of their own. This is an egregious deprivation of rights and surely an abuse of due process. Past presidential inquiries were all authorized by a vote in the House, and the protections of due process was in each instance followed. Speaker Pelosi has acted unilaterally — undermining the common good — as order has given way to chaos.

This Pelosi-Schiff witch hunt has abandoned all purpose of fairness. It has now become nothing more than a despicable attempt to undo the 2016 presidential election by driving President Trump from office. I ask the left — you’ve had three years to find them — where are the required “high crimes and misdemeanors?”

This political circus will continue as long as the Democrats can keep it alive. An internal Democrat talking points memo obtained by Axios warned that voters care more about jobs and health care than impeachment. Under Democrat control the House has passed no major legislation, instead spending it’s valuable time on a three year fishing expedition. Democrats are now left with nothing but the impeachment inquiry to hang their hats on in 2020. Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Schiff ought to be ashamed of this kangaroo court they’re running.

Bill Claustre


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Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2015....."He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot," Graham continued. "He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. ... He's the ISIL man of the year."

Has anything changed? Only the fact that he either Trump has something on Graham (or Putin does) and his lemmings don't care anymore, if they ever did.

Get off your tree stump and pay attention to the facts Sir. Otherwise get out of the way of the American Constitution. You aren't relevant.


So Citrus County Sheriff's Office has it's Crime Stopper program. The website says "You CAN do something about crime, ANY CRIME. (It does not have to be featured on this site to qualify for a reward) You WILL remain anonymous."

Hey people of Citrus we really believe that. This is a Republican county and we have learned that Republicans are totally against whisleblowers remaining anonymous. The president claims that he has the right to face his accuser. If that is so, then everyone else has that right. We might all want to think twice about trying to anonymously report any crime because, if the Republican Congress get their way, the report you make may wind you up in court as a witness in front of the criminal you reported.


We can tell that Bill has been deriving his news from FOX, almost all of his facts are the same distorted half story garbage that comes from them. First, Republicans have been in the secret closed door investigations and asking questions with the along with the Democrats. 2nd, The republicans will now get to call any witness they want and cross examine all the witness's they want. The republicans were crying that it was a closed door, now they are crying because they don't want it released to the public. Bill is like a lot of the right wing voters, they listen to only far right news and publications and "entertainers" instead of journalists for their information .

CitrusCo Citizen

Hey Bill--guess what? Trump's impeachment hearings are going to be going on all next week and televised everywhere!! So pop that popcorn, invite the neighbors over for a watch party, and get comfortable because millions and perhaps billions of people all over the planet are going to get the whole PUBLIC picture. Enjoy!

Miuke Nelson

If it's chaotic you can thank Goober Gaetz and company. What an embarrassment!


One thing, Bill, it is not the Dems who are hiding their phone calls on secret servers. It is not the Dems who have been having their private lawyers running around with known criminals hiding their actions in other countries from the American public. The Dems are making everything public. Chances are, you will be learning a lot more than you actually want to. What you do with what you learn is up to you. Do you stand with country or Trump.

CitrusCo Citizen

Don't worry, Bill, Now that the Discovery process is over and all of the witnesses have been found, questioned, and all of the witnesses' testimonies have been verified, and a determination has been made on who has refused to show up for their supeaonas and why that is, and all of the evidence--phone calls, notes, documents, emails, photographs, videos, and yes, Twitters have been collected--things are going to be very organized, very deliberate, very professional, and very focused. And don't worry, Bill, it will all be public information--very public, in fact. Once the trial begins, the Republicans may wish that they never insisted on public exposure.


More Republican gibberish. 34 people were indicted in the last "witch hunt", including 12 Russian nationals, and your president committed obstruction of justice. So fired!

CitrusCo Citizen

And don't forget that some of Trump's swamp creatures are now jailbirds doing time in the slammer. Trump has now set the record for the most employees fired, resigned, indicted or convicted and imprisoned (about 49% or every other employee)-- in the history of our country ! (And you know how Trump loves to say that he's set new records in American history as well of the history of the world--of all time, forever) But getting back to his impeachment--I can't wait to hear his lies AFTER he puts his hand on the Bible and swears to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help him, God!! There's going to be some pretty creative lying coming out of that mouth and I can't wait for him to be caught in his lies. It will be quite entertaining!

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