I consider my self a staunch conservative; I voted for President Trump and will again.

I served (USMC) under three presidents — Eisenhower , Kennedy and Johnson. My only regret is that at 80-plus years, I am not able to serve President Trump in uniform.

My next words will confuse you: I hope the House of Representatives impeaches Trump.

The House can pass articles of impeachment and refer them to the Senate for trial. There will be a vote and the Republicans, along with some Democrats, will vote not to convict.

However, the president’s attorneys will have the right to question anyone they want. Different than the special counsel, which was one-sided. We will be hearing testimony from a whole host of participants; a lot of truth will be unveiled. A lot of Democrats will start being charged. The Democrats will turn on each other; that’s already starting.

Most Americans believe that being impeached results in removal. Phase 2 is a trial by the Senate, where there is zero chance of conviction. The Senate is controlled by the Republicans; they will determine what is allowed. Everything will be, including DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election for Hillary.

Next will be the election, which Trump will win. Even minorities will vote for Trump. They will see that Democrats have spent two-plus years maintaining their own power and not doing anything about all the murders in Chicago.

Joe Spoto

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

Joe, I know this will be a great shock to you, but you're absoutely wrong. Republicans in Congress are finally realizing just how very incompetent and even criminal Trump is and he's not going to change--like many old men, as he ages he just becomes worse. Three words will be the final nail in the coffin--"income tax returns".


As an officer brat who grew up around fighter pilots, including Aces, and many heroes, I would not vote for 45 if you held a gun to my nauticals. Nor, will I ever pledge my allegiance to any Theocracy, Oligarchy, or Kleptocracy. I prefer death to dishonor, so line me up on the wall with the real Americans. As my age wears on me I hope to live long enough to see 45 defeated in the largest landslide in America history. Then try him, convict him, and lock him up. You will never make America great with corruption. Personally, I think America has always been great, it's we the people who always need to improve. Me included.


Some people are just a little too old to be involved in politics. The mental capacities, at older ages, are just diminished and can lead to confusion and some delusional behavior. Isn't that what some Republicans have said about some of the presidential candidates?


You are absolutely correct Ssabmud, again. But if I start complaining about all the hypocrisy I will never get my chores done.


True, MikeBond. Right now we are trying to get ready for a possible Cat 4 hurricane to hit us, all the while any FEMA money that might be needed is being diverted to a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. A president for all the people.....not really.


Yeah, I read about that too. Looks like we are all on our own. And how many times did you hear about the consumer “being responsible for 70% of the US economy” over the last two weeks? And yet people still believe repeated corporate tax cuts will pay for themselves and expensive wars. As a student of economics I find it mind boggling. Conservatism has been promoted as patriotic, but in it's current form it is at best a lie. A horrible, destructive and expensive trillion dollars a year lie.

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