By now, most of you are aware that the Trump administration has rolled out a sweeping “Public Charge Rule” that targets legal immigrants who are making use of welfare benefits such as food stamps, government-

subsidized housing and medical care. This regulation dramatically expands the governments definition of the century-old term “public charge,” and is slated to go into effect in October.

Before we proceed, we need to get a handle on the term public charge. You will find that the Public Charge Standard was first codified into U.S. immigration law in 1882 and essentially means being a burden on society.

Needless to say, the left went into a complete meltdown and couldn’t move fast enough to file with the courts in an attempt to protect their beloved future voters. I seriously doubt that this move was any surprise to you, but if it was I recommend that you take another look at the left’s old play book, “Tall Tales from the Left,” and remind yourself that the left never deviates from their tired old script.

This new interpretation of the Public Charge Rule will affect most aspects of life for legal immigrants, from medical care, English language proficiency, food stamps and welfare programs. This rule will subject legal immigrant households who fall below certain income thresholds to the public charge test, which would consider how well applicants speak, read and write English.

I applaud President Trump and his administration for stepping up and re-enforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. Requiring that the legal immigrants support themselves lessens their burden on the American taxpayers, and will allow them to become successful members of our American society.

You will find that this is far from a new rule that the Trump administration is implementing; they are just adding teeth to a very old existing rule. It’s the right call, for this old rule needed to be fitted for dentures a long time ago.

I’m a firm believer that legal immigrants need to earn their citizenship, not just have it handed to them. Just think about it — doesn’t something you earn always make you appreciate it that much more?

Bill Claustre


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If this letter writer has grandchildren, I encourage them to surreptitiously use the v-chip function on his TV to block Fox News.


The author should learn to use "google" as he could look up the voting rights in the USA. Illegal aliens cannot vote as he would have you believe. He must derive his info from Hannity or Limbaugh like the rest of the people on the far right. Federal law requires a voter must be a US citizen, show proof of residency, and provide a drivers licence. A quick call to your elections office will verify that. The only exception is Missouri as they are allowed to vote in school elections. The far right has been slinging this same old tired mud for years trying to convince Americans that democrats are socialists and that hoards of people are coming into this country and are going to take your job and collect welfare. Have any of you ever tried to collect welfare? It is not easy. Just another bogus letter as far as I am concerned from the illiterate right.


What would someone who has filed bankruptcy multiple times know about “self sufficiency and personal responsibility”?

What would anybody in the Republican Party know about “personal responsibility”? Republicans don't even respect their own drinking water, much less mine.


At least the left thinks of these people as 'future voters' .... instead of future slaves to work their fields or clean their houses for a pittance. Shame, Shame on you and Trump.

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