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We all enjoy a parade. The Democrats are providing a wonderful Hypocrisy Parade celebrating 60 days in charge.

The Democrats say what they are doing to overturn results in IA-20 is nothing like what Trump did. Hypocrisy on parade.

Who is that unmasked man? Why that’s John “climate change is going to kill us” Kerry, flying first class to somewhere to discuss the environmental impact of ice in cocktails, without a mask on. Hypocrisy on parade!

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Bernie Sanders wants to impose wage controls on CEOs. No more than 50 times the average wage of people working in the company. Calls out Jeff Bezos. So a guy who has sat in the elected body that has allowed the federal deficit to go from $3 trillion to $27 trillion since Sanders entered Congress in 1991. Jeff Bezos started with an idea in 1994 and now has over a million employees, all earning more than the $15 minimum wage, with sales of $263.5 billion. And Bernie wants to tell Jeff how to run his company? Hypocrisy on parade!

United Auto Workers endorsed Biden, Ford moves a $900 million investment from Ohio to Mexico. UAW you got what you voted for. Hypocrisy of parade!

Biden bashes people who don’t want to get the vaccine, that he said wouldn’t be available, and wouldn’t be safe, as unpatriotic. Hypocrisy on parade! By the way, Trump said get vaccinated and you’re welcome. Who won the election?

Michigan court finds the secretary of state of Michigan did violate the law with unilateral election rules, vindicating claims made by Trump. Hypocrisy on parade!

Jen Psaki is circling back so much she looks like a tornado. She is a walking, talking picture of hypocrisy on parade!

Currently our government, our military, our press, our economy is a joke. It took Democrats less than 90 days to screw it all up. Hypocrisy on parade!

Richard J. Petersen