Just went to the doctor who said that I am healthy, come back in a year.

Well, I have been working on being healthy, walking a mile at least three times a week, eating a lot of nuts, especially walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (unsalted — salt raises blood pressure) since nuts lower blood pressure (I had previously been told I had high blood pressure). I eat bacon with lower sodium.

I had also previously been told I needed vitamin D and calcium, so I have been drinking orange juice with added vitamin D and calcium. I eat more fruits and veggies, including grapes which are good for the heart and prevent cancer. I take vitamins.

I eat a salad every day, less butter, more margarine. Instead of hamburgers all the time, roast beef without the fat and veggie burgers.

But I left a little room for the french fries!

Sorry doc, just turned 65. I deserve a break today!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters


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CitrusCo Citizen

Well it's about time you figured that out. I've been eating healthfully (no meat, low dairy especially no cheese) high on legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and water and am incredibly healthy thus far. People think I'm 20 years younger than I actually am and I have unlimited energy. I wish the people of Citrus County, the 2nd unhealthiest county in the state, would follow your lead. They would be much richer because they'll have no medical bills, and no lost work days because of illness. (they need to stop smoking and drinking, too, and get out there and exercise.


CitrusCo Citizen You are right, as usual. I wish I could grow more vegetables, or find a good Farmer's Market.

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