A few years back, my wife and I were standing in the lobby of the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, when one of the hotel staff approached us and asked, with a smile, to please join the queue. For the social justice crowd who can’t read or comprehend because of their failed education system over the years, I will translate. Go stand in line!

Standing in line is exactly where I and millions of other Americans will be if what remains of our health care system is turned over to those same elites in the form of Medicaid for all. Their proposals will do the same as what almost destroyed the Veterans Administration health care structure. We will be waiting for that medical procedure train to roll into the station. Expect some delays. There will probably be a queue outside of some funeral homes for the ones whose train never arrived.

Government-managed anything has never worked properly and never will. Health care is not the only one of the entities that the hope and change group is trying to get their hands around. Gun control, meaning abolition of the Second Amendment, packing the Supreme Court with like-minded individuals, getting rid of ICE, and yes, borders, are just a few of their objectives. They say all of this with a straight face, while their attacks on sanity and conservative thought go unnoticed and unreported by unbiased news organizations.

If nothing else, please remember the line “with the consent of the governed.” If we don’t consent to their ideals, we will still be governed, but to what degree?

Terry Coats


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Did you stand in line for your maga hat?


I would have been embarrassed to put my name on this letter. the government does a lot of services for the common good very well. Do you get your social security check on time? who runs your military, police dept, fire dept, county, hospitals, schools, medicare, IRS, etc, etc.? Are they perfect, no, but nothing is. The private sector is even worse with all it's greed and corruption. The notion that the Government can't run anything right comes from uneducated mindsets that can only criticize society rather than contribute to it


(S)he's a blue blood, this Terry Coats; a Trumpista of noble birth no doubt. Queues are beneath those types.

CitrusCo Citizen

What a snooty, haughty, holier than thou writer! Who the heck does Coats think he is? He degrades "they" and "them" as if 66% of American voters who refuse to vote as he does, are garbage. He's exactly what is wrong with America today and because of people like him we now have the Divided States of America.


Such narcissism is totally boring and reminds me of someone who is about to lose an election and go to prison.


Sorry...but the Republicans and Mitch have had 10 years to come up with a replacement for the ACA and have done nothing. Even when they controlled every segment of our government they came up with nothing. Medicare is not free and I love it. There are tons of ways to improve the ACA and the general medical systems in our country...such as uniform formularies based on big pharma bids...as in the VA. How about uniform medical forms for all medical offices and hospital to cut down on paper work and insurance forms?

CitrusCo Citizen

Great idea, Tomp. I like that--uniform medial forms nationwide. Why do we always have to fill out all of these different forms every single time we see a doctor? Also, we need to have all of our medical information in one system so that if we visit a doctor in another state, and are incapaciated by an accident, or illness, then that doctor can easily access our medical records to determine allergies, meds, previous treatments or surgeries, etc. When my elderly mother collapsed and was taken to Citrus Memorial, they had no idea, no records of her rare kind of cancer, made the wrong decisions and gave her the wrong treatments and she died, of course. Even her "cause of death" form was incorrect. If her records had been immediately accessible online to the emergency room team, then she might have been saved. It's ridiculous that we have to carry around all of our medical records on hard copy, just in case they can't be accessed online by a receptionist in a different state.

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