I wonder, what if, immediately after the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, the press and all the anti-Trump Republicans had decided to be patriotic instead of vitriolic? And what if they had patriotically declared their support for the newly elected president instead of immediately beginning to plan his ouster? What if, in 2018, after taking over the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party had worked with the Republicans to actually legislate? Considering all the country’s accomplishments during the three years since the 2016 election, I wonder how much better it could have been with wider patriotic support from both sides — even in the shadow of Trump’s numerous and inane peccadillos.

I wonder, what if, after the current impeachment proceedings are finally completed with Trump’s acquittal, the Democratic Party and the press decide to be patriotic and support him upon his exoneration and get on with the country’s business and the important 2020 election? A simple and effective “we don’t agree with the acquittal, but we accept it” declaration would go a long way toward healing our vast political divide. Then all those who are unhappy with the impeachment results can organize and protest by voting Trump out of office and replacing him with one of the outstanding Democratic Party candidates. I wonder if the politicians and voters of the country have the determination and especially the patriotism to do those things.

Thomas Fallon


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President Trump's central deficiency and signature attribute is not his pathological lying, his self-enriching, his wars on Justice and the press, his pique and his piggishness and his vengefulness.

It is his utterly impervious, delusional amateurism. He either doesn't know or doesn't care that the decisions he makes on trade, on foreign relations, on the budget, on tax laws, on treaties, on our relationships with our allies and our adversaries alike, actually affect the lives and welfare of hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of others around the world – and likewise risk the peace of the world. He makes his decisions on the blind impulses of his immense and fragile ego and self-regard, uninformed by deliberations with experts other than his gut and his "very good brain", with no consideration given to their effects on actual people, the economy, our democracy – or the world. To him, the presidency is the ultimate TV reality show, his to play with, a manufactured fantasy where there is no harm, no foul. His amateurishness and his pathetic neediness make him a mark for the professional hustlers at the helms of adversarial and pseudo-friendly nations.

Americans have understood for 30 years that Donald Trump is a crude, reckless, incompetent bungler, a sociopath utterly and defiantly self-interested to the point of excluding any interests other than his own. And yet, he's such a masterful mountebank that half the American voters put him at the helm of this exceedingly complex ship of state anyway. God have mercy on us.


You know Thomas, used to read the Chronicle but seeing your Post and ignorance makes me deathly ill. I can no longer handle You nor the Clown in office. The continued division makes me so angry, you and your Clown patrol buddies are no longer worth a comment because your show been shut down!

CitrusCo Citizen

If approving of a presidential candidate who brags about grabbing a woman's privates, commits adultery on three wives--one with a newborn, and a president who hobnobs with dictators who hate America, keeps his personal business records top-secret and now shows gratitude to Russia for meddling in his election and re-election is your kind of "PATRIOTISM", then count me out! Unlike you and your hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil cronies, I know the difference between right and wrong. I am more of a patriot then you will ever hope to be and unlike you, I care about the future of our Constitution, our Democracy, and our Nation. How dare you, Thomas! Oh, and congratulations for dividing our country even more.


You can almost word for word, substitute the opposite parties names and the situation with President Obama and Mitch's declaration to make him one term president. Where was respect and healing the divide then? It was a big part of the huge divide we still have now, with an extra layer of putrid vileness by the former "family values" bunch. Oh, the hypocrisy!


So patriotism means obstruction of justice and treason now? I would rather be a Democrat than a fake patriot. You Republicans are without honor.

Miuke Nelson

Calling Democrats unpatriotic and vitriolic doesn't help heal the divide.

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