I spent my elementary, middle and high school years in parochial schools of various religions, all teaching me to honor and respect my government leaders. I continued on to a public city university before my graduate and professional education. In all of these schools and colleges, the photograph of the currently sitting president of the United States proudly hung in each classroom. I learned about LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan, whose photos hung in front of me.

Our Citrus County school system receives extensive federal financial assistance. The least our school system can do is hang a photo of the currently sitting president and commander-in-chief Donald Trump in each and every classroom in the district.

Paul John Reinhardt

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

How can children and teachers of color have a racist staring at them day after day from the classroom wall? We want our public school teachers and children to feel safe, happy, be successful in an envrionment of teaching and learning and with a photograph like that--they cannot.


I would strongly support hanging a picture of Frump .... immediately above every urinal.


I bet you didn't complain when Obama's picture wasn't in every classroom....I wonder why?

CitrusCo Citizen

Hypocrisy at its finest. Display a potrait of the man who is responsible for hiring Betsy De Voss who, along with Gov. Desantis, are determined to destroy public schools and force Florida taxpayers to pay for private religious schools--schools of ALL religions and pseudo-religions? No, I don't think public school teachers and administrators would put up with that. If his portrat was hanging in my classroom, I would accidentally move a tall bookcase ior Word Wall n front of it. Sorry, space for educational activities, is valuable in a classroom!


I'm sure the Florida Legislature will get right on that idea! Passing along another mandate, while refusing to acknowledge and properly fund the needs of our public schools.


That is one of the most disgusting suggestions I've ever seen. Let's hang the picture of a chronic liar, a criminal, and a sex offender in every classroom, so students can see what we honor in our country. I don't understand how people can reconcile the Pledge of Allegiance ("liberty and justice for all") and the actions of this administration.

Miuke Nelson

or we could spend the money on security for our kids.

Miuke Nelson

Great example of moral leadership. Little Jimmy: "Mommy, mommy why does President Trump want to grab a kitty? "

CitrusCo Citizen

"Teacher, is it true that the Russians helped to get President Trump elected and now Mr. Putin, the dictator of Russia, is Mr. Trump's new best friend? " Mr. Reinhardt, your suggestion is abhorrent to 2/3 of the American people for so many reasons.


Mommy to Timmy, "Why did you take Mrs. Whimplewhirls kitty, Timmy." Timmy to mommy, "You said that if I worked hard I could grow up and be President some day, so I thought I should start practicing now". Moral leadership, indeed.

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