In response to a letter this Sunday extolling the virtues of Hunter Biden, here are some additional facts: Discharged from the Naval Reserve in 2014 for cocaine use; currently involved in an undisputed paternity suit fathering a child while he was dating his brother’s widow; traded on his father’s name to get employment as director of Burisma Holdings having no experience in the industry; failed to show up for his court appearance on Dec. 2 regarding his paternity suit; refuses to disclose financial info in connection with the paternity suit.

Best choice, Mr. Collins? I think not.

John Bourne


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Trump's "unfounded allegations" regarding Hunter and Joe Biden and said that the Trump family is being held to a "radically different standard."

"You want to talk about family members?""In the White House right now, you've got Ivanka Trump benefiting from patents from the Chinese. You've got the president's son-in-law texting with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. While, meanwhile, the president's sons go around the world pretending like the fact that their father is the president of the United States has no impact on the international business dealings that they do."

"We don't even know whether Trump financial interests in Turkey contributed to the decision to betray American allies and American values," he suggested. "And they want to talk about conflicts of interests? It is a radically different standard."


Have to wonder, John, if you have sat on the Burisma Board yourself and that is what makes you such an expert on what they wanted and what they got. I have sat on an American company board and I can tell you that Trump Jr., Ivanka, Jared and what's his name would not be my first choice to sit on any board. Exactly why do you find it impossible to even start to let this Biden thing go? Would it mean that you would have to actually pay attention to what Trump is doing? God forbid!!!

CitrusCo Citizen

Well, at least it will distract him from being obsessed day and with Hilary's missing emails and Obama's missing "real" birth certificate. Now he can obsessive about something new for the next twenty years.


The guy sounds like a saint compared to old Bone Spur Don the Con.


Compared to Trump this is so petty! Yahoo news just reported Trump fired Illegals working at his winery in Virginia just before Christmas.

I'll vote for Biden or whomever the democrat is. I switched from republican to independent after the Bush disaster, and this another disaster much worse.


Hey! Stop picking on our president! Oops read the name wrong


Looks like you are struggling to find fault with the Biden's to the average person. I know that is the smear that FOX is putting out there, so it just looks like you are watching too much FOX BS maybe?

Miuke Nelson

Once again, self projection. If you care about H Biden, then here are some additional facts for you to think on regarding D Trump Sr. Failed to serve in the military by draft dodging with a 4F classification and 4 deferments. Cheated on all his wives (Trump's first marriage imploded on the covers of all of New York's tabloids after he brazenly took his mistress, Marla Maples, on a family vacation in Aspen along with his wife, Ivana, and attempted to hide her away until she approached Ivana and said, "I'm Marla and I love your husband. Do you?"

Inherited all his money, filed bankruptcy multiple times, and with the help of foreign governments was appointed to a position for which he had no qualifications. Failed to show up when invited to testify before congress and refused to provide any documentation to congress including his long promised tax returns. Attempted to block administration officials from providing testimony. Best choice, Mr.Bourne? I think not.


CNN MSNBC Faithful Follower

CitrusCo Citizen

John, Hunter Biden is not running for office--his father, Joe Biden is. Yes, son Hunter Biden is flawed--we all know a few other people with very flawed sons and daughters! But that shouldn't stop Joe from running for President. After all, the poor behavior of Donald John Trump, Jr., and what's-his-name-Eric, murderers of elephants, giraffes, lions, and other endangered species and adulterer (DJT2), didn't stop Donald the First from running, even though he is a proven liar, racist, misogynist, adulterer, emotionally-crippled, cruel person, on his own. Joe isn't a bad choice, but if "scandal-free offspring" is important to you, there's Klobuchar, Warren, Sanders, Yang, and maybe a few others who have practically scandal-free sons and daughters. Meanwhile, DJT1 and DJT2 just keep delivering and delivering one scandal after another. Did you know, for example, that "Triggered", the title of DJT2's new book is derived from the common code words used by White Supremacists? Gee, I wonder what the tax returns of DJT2, not to mention DJT1 will reveal? Hmmm.

Miuke Nelson

When you hold Trump and his children to the same standard, I'll give a rat's adze.

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