People of faith now have a new champion of international human rights — this person being none other than President Donald J. Trump. Recently, President Trump led an event at the United Nations, “A Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom,” where he strongly promoted religious freedom, reminding world leaders that all rights come from God. This stellar address offered many examples of religious persecution around the globe, and to his credit, he chose to do this in front of the member nations of the U.N., where most of member nations either restrict religious liberty or ban it altogether. He also underscored the importance of shining a light on the hypocrisy of those who preach diversity and then exclude people of faith. It doesn’t matter which side of the political pendulum you swing from, one must admit that this action took great courage.

The president then doubled down and held bilateral meetings with several world leaders, speaking to them on a one-on-one basis about violations of human rights of religious minorities, making it clear that this is now an “urgent moral duty” for member nations to tackle. It was finally time for someone to step up and boldly remind the member nations that the U.N. was founded on having member nations engage in dialogue, and find solutions to the existing international problems. Somewhere along the line, the member nations have forgotten their prime directive. It’s now time to get serious and to start solving the problems.

President Trump proved to be a very busy man during his visit to the U.N., where he used the opportunity to announce that the U.S. has committed $25 million to religious freedom efforts and has launched a coalition of businesses for religious freedom efforts. The alliance — the International Religious Freedom Alliance — is intended to build on efforts to date and bring like-minded countries together to confront the enormous challenges of international human rights. This news of a government-sponsored coalition of American businesses for the protection of religious freedom is the most grounding-breaking aspect of President Trump’s speech.

Congratulations to President Trump, for he not only made a very persuasive case for international religious liberty, he offered specifics on how he is going to contribute to religious rights here at home, and internationally.

Bill Claustre


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Duh, Try telling this to the poor Kurd's over in Syria. He sold them out probably so he build another hi rise in Turkey. This President is the biggest coward we have ever had. He has been avoiding wars ever since he first became a draft dodger.


I always thought there had to be a pathway directly to hades. Trumps 'ground breaking speech' is definitely it.


All of his great-fake religious freedom con-speak blanked out completely when he just turned his back, in a most deadly way, on our allies in Syria to make another dictator happy. What a great guy...not even close to a great president (any kind of president).

CitrusCo Citizen

Wow, we're so glad that finally $cientology, Islam, Judiaism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Paganism, Animism, and other world-wide such as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Church of the Double-bladed Paddle will be honored, recognized, and receive equal benefits such as Tax Exemptions, just like the Christians. Hooray for religious freedom and freedom from religion, too! Looks like Trump, who reallly could care less about religion was a busy boy that day instead of attending a silly global climate change/climate crisis conference attended by most world leaders.


May I add to Mr. Citizens astute comment....quoting from our Prez....AMEN....sure.

Banning Muslims from entry to our country......huh?

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