Re: Gerry Mulligan’s Sunday, Dec. 1 column, “Good things continue to happen.”

I have three words for you Mr. Mulligan: Speak for yourself.

But I shall expand.

I have been looking for work in Citrus County for eight months to no avail.

I am very experienced in the restaurant business, with many years under my belt, including Tampa and Beverly Hills —  California not Florida — and have put in my application for server/bartender/host to many restaurants in Inverness, Crystal River, Lecanto and Hernando that say they are hiring, yet I hear back nothing. I have sent my résumé more than once to these places as well as other places — CVS, Walmart, Lowes — yet I can still not find employment in this county.

Most of the restaurants I observe have women servers, so I think they are quite prejudiced against men.

As far as business booming in Citrus County, it is just so lovely that a brand new big car wash is going up in Inverness on State Road 44 right across the street from the existing car wash Yes, let’s put the little guy trying to eke out a living out of business.

And a new 7-Eleven store and car wash are also going up near Publix in Inverness on 44, to compete with the existing nearby gas stations and car washes. I’ll just love all that in-and-out additional traffic, won’t you?

“Local entrepreneurs are making good things happen.” Good? Really? Not in my book.

I am a very positive person. “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale is my favorite book.

The power is just not working for me in Citrus County.

Douglas Vance Karup


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CitrusCo Citizen

Douglas, same thing happened to my daughter, and she changed careers! She's now working for a solar panel company and business is booming! Her salary is pretty righteous and since she's a "people person" she's in sales and also gets commissions and a chance to travel around the state on their dime. Since she believes in solar energy and she's promoting solar to like-minded people, it's a good match for her. I recommend, Douglas, that if you look fairly presentable, are good with people and a good communicator with a good attitude, as you seem to be by your letter, then give the solar energy industry in Florida a try! It's really starting to take off--everyone's trying to get in on that 2019 30% tax incentive before 2020. Research tells us that people change jobs and even careers several times throughout their lives and in my opinion, each career helps you to develop skills for the next career. You're stuck in a rut right now and you need to get up, climb out, dust yourself off, and start exploring new "trails". I'm sure your parents raised you to have the "grit tool" in your toolbox of lifelong skills and now is the time to use it!


Douglas, there are plenty of good waiters working in Citrus County. Just because you can't get a job (notice I didn't say find a job) doesn't mean that there is prejudice present. Since this isn't Tampa or Beverly Hills, you might be forced to take a little less in salary then you are used to. Perhaps you should aim for Miami.

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