Note: A copy of this letter was sent to Audrey Stasko, spokeswoman for the Department of Health in Citrus County.

Reference Chronicle article in today’s paper (the Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, front-page story, “No shortcuts with system,” “Officials caution against trying to outwit state’s vaccine registration program”):

This article served to compound my frustration with trying to obtain a vaccination for the COVID-19 virus and here’s why.

I have tried to secure an appointment for my wife and myself, both over 82 years of age, since the process began. I have tried every time they were offered by Publix without success. When the state began registrations, I registered online and a couple of days later on Feb. 2, I received confirmation with a message, “We will continue to communicate with you each week or until you have scheduled your vaccination.” Having received no further communication, I assumed we had been dropped, so a few days ago I registered again.

Now, you’re telling me we may be moved to the back of the line! Why didn’t we receive communication each week as promised? Since everything else is done by computer, don’t you think they could tell when a registration is a duplicate?

My question now is, are we registered or not? If so, are we at the “end of the line”? Does the end of line mean after every other person is vaccinated?

What a mess!

Bill Lafferty

Crystal River