As a former resident of Burlington, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders was mayor, then congressman and now senator, I have a question for liberal progressives. When Sanders had a heart problem on Tuesday, why did he run to a capitalist hospital for a stent implant on Wednesday? He could have shown his commitment to socialistic principals by waiting a few months for a socialist country to fix his problem.

It seems Bernie and the progressives don’t like to live under the rules they want the rest of us to follow. Bernie has gotten rich telling us we should be poor. What a great candidate he has never been.

Fred Tims

Crystal River

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You sound like you went to the Clown school! aka Trump U. if you don't know. What is wrong with you? Bernie does where Bernie wants....just like Trumpy....Next.


Fred, What makes you think he went to a capitalistic hospital? All the hospitals around here are capitalistic, but they take medicare just the same. Is medicare socialistic.The government does some things well, ie socialistic, and others not so well. But, medicare is one of their best and would be the best if they could get the politicians out of it. Think about it. The military is done pretty well too and would do better if we could get the politics out of their way.


Silly goose stuff.

Miuke Nelson

This is just idiotic. Just because Trump needs help from other countries to hold onto his power, doesn't mean Bernie should have go to outside his country for healthcare. Even as a socialist, Bernie is a more patriotic American than Trump could ever aspire to be.


You have thrived on the back of a socialistic America for most of your life. You have thrived on the back of a capitalistic America for most of your life. The two have worked hard to give you a good, probably long, life. Now all it takes is some cheating, lying, con-man spewing blithering nonsense to get you to condemn it all. I feel sorry for you, Fred.


Why do you ask a "liberal" news organization this? Why not write to Breitbart or Infowars?

Your analogy is asinine and irrelevant.

CitrusCo Citizen

Wait, what??? Capitalist and socialist hospitals?? Tims, when you go to your hospital, your doctor, dentist, tax accountant, grandchild's school, police department, fire department do you ask first if they are part of a capitalist or sociallist organization? If you do, they will assume that you're not playing with a full deck.

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