When is impeachment, not impeachment? When it’s political.

So let’s see, four members of Congress who all represent ultra far left districts, all by themselves want to be judge and jury of the impeachment process, plus hold hearings behind closed doors and not let any Republican ask questions. This is a disservice to all Americans, to have four people ramrod this through without taking a full House vote. All members should be on record to take this drastic measure as impeachment.

Wayne Wills

Crystal River

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Lets be clear here, this is really not at all about anything other than a non exceptance of the 2016 election results. The squad and a few others will do anything to attack the president. Collectivly they have supported anti semetic views, a GND platform that is nonsense, tried and convicted in the media Brett Kavanaugh supporting a whole host unfounded bunk. I can't help and wonder why there is not public outcry for them to do the jobs that they have instead of dancing for the media spotlight.


Right on KerinR!! Where is the outrage? So you all don't like Trump ... get over it.! He won the election and that is that! Don't like it, then elect your socialist favorite and see how well that goes!


Show lack of vocabulary skills, he loves the uneducated. *Acceptance. No spellcheck maybe instead?


*acceptance vs. exception, thanks. I wish they'd let people go back and edit our errors.

Miuke Nelson

So you don't object to one man brutalizing the Constitution and acting like a third world dictator as long as he's a conservative republican?

Be assured, the vote to impeach will come and when it does, there will be patriotic members of both parties on board.


Are you crazy? Are you Another who feels the Clown has done Nothing wrong? Please stop. Go apply to the Circus.


Please explain your statement using the Constitution as your basis, Wayne, rather then quoting fox talking points.

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