I spent some quality time over the July 4 holiday weekend rereading the Declaration of Independence. I have read this document on many previous occasions and thought I had a full understanding of this founding document. Boy, I could not have be more wrong! On rereading the Declaration of Independence, I still find it one of the greatest treatises ever written.

While I was recovering from recent eye surgery I kept asking myself one question: Why have we strayed so far from the path to freedom our forefathers blazed for us? The simple solution to get back on the path to freedom is to revisit the document every now an then, read it, study it, and get to understand our Founding Fathers intent. Take a close look and you will find the Declaration of Independence is formatted just like a legal argument, of which I am convinced was the Founding Fathers original intent. You will find that there is an opening argument that lays the groundwork for their case, followed by the evidence that reinforces their case, and it concludes with the closing argument which leaves the final verdict to be rendered by history.

I find its terminology and ideas remain every bit as true and inspired today as they were when Thomas Jefferson first put them to paper 243 years ago. It’s sad that those on the left and those who have been worked over by political correctness find them foreign concepts. Jefferson states that there is a God, and it sure isn’t government, and that our rights come from him and him only. Government’s only duty is to protect and preserve these God-given rights, nothing more, nothing less.

Jefferson concludes with the following quote: “ With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.” It’s right there before you; they were willing to put everything on the line for freedom. If this doesn’t convince you of the moral character of our Founding Fathers, you better check your pulse.

Bill Claustre


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Many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners who refused to free their slaves. How moral could they be to demand for themselves what they denied for others?


And I suppose your point is that we must disregard any institution unless it is instituted by absolutely perfect human beings?


Nobody I've seen is questioning the moral character of the Founding Fathers. As an American I do question the moral character of the right.


Don't you mean as a Democrat, not as an American. To the Left, Party is always first, everything else is second.


I really think that Bill must have been directing this letter directly at you. Read it again and then go read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Mueller Report. All of that should keep you busy for a while doing something other than spreading discourse.

CitrusCo Citizen

How much do you want to bet that the Right didn't (or couldn't) read The Mueller Report? My bet is 99.9%


I'm not a Democrat, I'm an American. Although thinking likes yours forces me to vote for the far less insane party.

CitrusCo Citizen

In the past two years, we've learned more than we ever wanted to know about adultery, racism, mysogny, fraud, scandal, treason, hypcrocrisy, bribery, etc.etc.etc. --mostly from the leaders supported and worshipped by "Christian" Evangelists. It's been quite a lurid and lewd education but we don't need to learn any more about immorality from them and their leaders. How to stop it? Vote them out!

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