In his letter to the editor on July 3 titled, “Hold politicians, media accountable,” Mr. Lovell called for a public information law requiring any media source or public official to be held criminally libel for making inaccurate statements not supported by facts. (For anyone who gets their political news predominantly from round-the-clock TV, talk radio, Facebook, Twitter, etc., I find that idea laughable.)

General news reports are reasonably accurate. Those dealing with political news seem to be skewed one way or another. Although it will never happen, perhaps at the very least, those programs/posts, dealing with political “news and views” should be proceeded by a statement such as, “The following program/post contains opinions which may not be supported by verifiable facts.”

Maybe we should “make America great again” and return to a time when national and local news reports were presented only on TV in a 30-minute time frame, without opinions, first thing in the morning, 6:30 in the evening, and 11 at night.

I quote Sgt. Joe Friday of the old Dragnet TV show, “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” Until listeners/readers learn to differentiate between facts, opinions, and “alternative facts,” our view of the news, specifically political news, is doomed to be formulated by the opinions of others.

How sad that we are losing the ability to form our own opinions based solely on hard, verifiable facts.

Karen Baldwin


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The big problem is that when you restrict the news to 'only facts', then who gets to decide what's true? In China they are only allowed to hear 'facts'; is that what the Left wants here?


Depends on the definition of facts. Factual facts are good things that are good for the public to know about. Trumpy facts are bad things and are bad for the public to know about, as society calls them lies.

CitrusCo Citizen

In the United States of America, the Left wants to hear real facts from Trump--facts based on science (windmills do not cause cancer) and historical events (no, George Washington's army did not storm airports). But that isn't what the Right wants to hear is it? The president lies all of the time--are lies what you prefer to hear?


Unlike radical Leftists, most Americans would just like to hear facts that aren't colored by anti-Trump rhetoric. Yes we know there weren't airports in Revolutionary times, just as we suspect Obama knows there aren't 57 states. We really don't need professional propagandists telling us what to think and how to believe. Democrats, like the Chi-Coms, don't trust the general population with freedom of speech or freedom of ideas. Information must be 'managed' to ensure the people think in lock step. A good example are the responses to my comment - every response must attack Trump even though I never mentioned him. Do you guys get paid extra by the Chi-Coms every time you denigrate the President?


you say news reports are generally accurate. Like the crisis at the border is manufactured and doesn't exist. Like immigrants are told to drink toilet water. Like Trump is a racist or a traitor, all unsupported by facts. A disclaimer statement is a good idea however most of what they report would require one. The news was never meant to offer opinions, just the factual event leaving the reader to form the opinion.

CitrusCo Citizen

Gendron, here's an example for you: FACT: Climate change is real and Man is the major cause. This is can be measured and seen. FACT: Trump's deregulations of policies that used to protect and ensure clean air, clean water, and clean soil are playing a large role in amplifying Climate Change into a Climate Crisis. The damage that he is doing now will take decades to repair and most of the damage will be permanent and terminal. This can be measured, observed and read. FACT: Florida is the canary in the coal mine for Climate Crisis with it's mostly sea level elevations, increasingly warmer coastal waters, and manmade runoff of animal and human fecal matter, lawn fertilizers, toxic chemicals and storm drain pollution. This can be measured, seen, and smelled. Human illnesses from contaminated waters and air can be counted, seen, and felt. FACT: Trump and most of his supporters continue to deny Global Warming, Climate Change, and Climate Crisis, even though they can see and smell the results in their homes on canals and coastal waters and be forced to evacuate everytime there's a full moon, high tide and strong incoming winds and surge. For those who live more inland, water shortages and air pollution will become a problem. These can be seen, smelled, felt, counted, photographed, etc. These are FACTS and not opinions. Most Floridans, even with those with minimal education, can see, smell, feel, count, read, photograph, film and comprehend for themselves and don't need to opine on others' uninformed and biased opinions. FACT: Major news outlets in Florida are now deeply concerned and are working to help ALL Floridians to understand that Florida's Climate Crisis is real and largerly manmade, /playlists/business-media/ Nobody will force you to acknowledge Climate Crisis, and you may experience it in your lifetime (although I doubt it), but if you take your head out of the sand and look around, you will start to discover FACTS.


Just last evening, Fox News interviewed a person who believes that the United States is a Christian nation. And, across the bottom of the screen were the moving banners, with statements such as "Liberals want to take God out of America" and "Why do Democrats hate Christianity?" Imagine the minds of those viewers who take these lies to be fact! We seem to see a lot of them in the letters to the editor in Citrus.


There are too many people who pride themselves as being willfully ignorant.


Mr. lovell is one to talk about truth with his misinformation-fest on "socialism" Venezuela myths and other basic Trump psycho-babble.

CitrusCo Citizen

What's sad is that some people who lie or repeat a lie, never bother to research and determine whether it is a lie, or the truth. For example, today i read someone's post stating, both the Obamas and the Clintons were disbarred! Hmm, I wondered. I researched and within minutes found many deep, substantive, official documents and articles that proved otherwise. The Obamas and Hillary Clinton simply did not renew their licenses because they were too busy making lots of speeches and writing books and working for the government to continue as lawyers! Bill Clinton did sort of lose his license but he can reapply and gain it back if he wants to, now. The person who lied and said they were disbarred never bothered to research the facts. To me spreading lies and ignoring the truth makes one just as culpable as inventing lies. Even if you didn't actually rob the bank, but just drove the getaway car, you are still guilty.


It drives me nuts when people don't take one minute to do a simple Google search to get the facts..........


When the leader is incapable of using a computer to search for facts, why would anyone think the followers would be capable, either.

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