Could not get over the front page coverage of your paper today. I understand impeachment is news, but I wondered about your partiality to the negative. When was the last time you devoted your front page coverage to the many outstanding accomplishments of our president? I cannot remember seeing the president lauded for his killing of Al Baghdadi. Instead I remember him criticized for his language in describing his death?

Why have none of his many accomplishments made your front page such as: unemployment, especially blacks, Hispanics and women is at a record low; in 2018, wages were reported to have risen 3.1%, the biggest jump since 2009; the economy is soaring, the stock market is soaring, all mainly due to his policies.

He has cut taxes, decreased regulations and revised trade agreements, getting other governments to pay their fair share and benefiting the American worker.

He has instituted landmark criminal reform, fought for opioid and sex traffic legislation and championed the “Right to Try” legislation.

In addition to his appointment of our two Supreme Court justices, President Trump has confirmed

85 judges, 30 appellate court judges and 53 district judges. He also secured the release of 19 people (16 Americans) who were held in foreign captivity.

These are only a few of our president’s accomplishment. This is a man who has never been a politician, and who donates his salary to government agencies.

Is he perfect? No. But I cannot recall a president who has not worked harder for the American people. I would appreciate it if your newspaper could occasionally publish some of the great things this president is doing. Maybe even on the front page.

Barbara Chapinski


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Sorry Barbara, Trump is a salesman for himself and he is good at that. But I would contest the facts on his accomplishments. Most of us (79%) can't put money in the stock market so that only helps the top 1%. The tax breaks only helped the top 1%. As far as the jobs report, yeah that's great because we all need three of them to make ends meet and none of them pay anything. I would not brag about wages growing as 3.1% is anemic compared to what we need. His opioid plan has just made it harder for us to get our prescription drugs and more expensive. I noticed you failed to mention a lot of his failures like N Korea, the China tariffs, Iran, and now we have to subsidize the farmers billions of dollars as they go broke? Now he is splitting up the WTO and demonizing our Nato allies. Just where does it stop?


It could be, Barbara, that good newspapers don't make up stuff to print.

Miuke Nelson

Trump on Obama killing Bin Laden: "Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden”: so forget that one.

Some credit on unemployment, but Black unemployment when Obama was president, fell by more than half to 7.8 percent by the time he left office in January 2017.

Hispanic unemployment, fell to 5.9 percent at the end of Obama’s term in January 2017 -- also a drop of more than half.

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